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  • shera

    Do you have a hard time spelling?

    This may be very silly to some of you but gesssssh! I have to google many words to get the proper spelling.

    I misplace vowels alot ,example: usually..is an odd one for me.lol Even simple words like friends,I get the vowels mixed around. Perhaps this was the way I was taught in school,more on memory,not sounding the letters out.

    Well,O.K..please do tell you have this problem as well? Daaah me!

  • Crumpet

    I have some words that I can never spell right like proceding (always forget the extra e) and occassion - how many c's/how many s's?

    Mostly I'm cool with spelling - my pronunciation is the problem. I was an avid reader as a child but many words I never heard them out loud so continue to this day to mis pronounce them

    Mr C's favourite is melancholy - which I say Me-lank-ily. It cracks him up every time!

  • BrendaCloutier

    I have mild dislexia and cant even spell it correctly! My spelling isn't too bad, but there are words I consitantly misspell like raddish, should be radish which given common english says it should be pronounced ray'dish. But common english pronounciation is a mis-nomer cuz it's a royal pain in the butt.!

    Kevan gives me a bad time on some of my pronounciation. I can't think of some words, but most were words that I learned from my parents or in Theo Min Sch.... So, we dig out the dictionary, and often find out we're both right! (I love it when I'm right, even when he is too)

    For me, if I'm really concerned and don't have spell check - like in email, I'll copy the word to Word and see if it comes back correct. Then copy the correct work back to email again!

    You're not allone. And in our own ways, we're all perphekt allready!



  • sonnyboy

    I have a hard time with pursue and persue.

    I hate it when I finally find out how a word is spelled and realize that I'd been misspelling it all my life. Why didn't anyone tell me?

  • shera

    I do the same thing sonnyboy,I have been spelling pathetic ,like pathic,for yrs.They are both words but with different meanings!

  • undercover

    I caint staind bad spellen. and it drives mee nuts wen peeple dont use good punchuachun,

  • shera

    Hehehe Undercover

  • vitty



    Hi Shera.

    Here's a book we should all have in our midsts: a dictionary

    Because you are in Canada, like myself, I highly recommend this particular dictionary:

    Gage Canadian Dictionary

    I have a copy from 1992 that I bought in Regina, Saskatchewan. I have kept it with me, ever since.

    I find it intriguing to flip through the dictionary, looking for odd seldom used words. I also like to look up words on my own, helping myself become more eloquent or perhaps better skilled at my mother tongue.

    Practice makes perfect, but honestly, a dictionary on-hand, never hurts. It's good for practice and you'll find that you will seldom need to look up words, once you familiarize yourself with the word and its meanings.

    "Repetition leads to retention"

  • confusedjw

    Spelling is an area of embarrassment for me.

    I can't clutter my mind with that stuff.

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