Define Success.

by LouBelle 24 Replies latest jw friends

  • LouBelle

    It's good to hear that people still have 'value' in their lives.

    defd - perhaps the day you see Jehovah as your father you might actually start a successful relationship with him - He's so much better when you get to know him as a father.

    If I can achieve success in doing the smallest of things, it paves the way to the mountain top.

  • googlemagoogle

    success is reaching your personal goals, in case you set some. the goal can also be the path though.

    my goal is being a famous rockstar with loads of money, a mansion that makes hughe hefner's house look like a trailer and a whole lotta scandals.

    on the other hand i got some more humanitarian goals too.

    in either case, i haven't been very successful by now.

    BUT I WILL!!! muhahahaha

  • LouBelle
    LouBelle're a man??????????


  • googlemagoogle

    erm... you mean like in "masculine"? or in "human being"? last time i checked i would have answered both in the positive.

  • jgnat

    Here's mine off my website.

    I am a success if I DO my dream. Taking longer than I expect does not mean failure.

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