Do all Kingdom Halls have the same meeting schedules?

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  • hubert

    Do all Kingdom Halls have the same schedule as far as times and dates go?

    I would like to have a list of all meetings that the j.w.'s have every month, especially for new Bible study people.

    Like, do they go to Thursday night meetings, service meetings, Sunday services, etc.?

    Is there a set schedule that is the same for every Kingdom Hall, or are they different?



  • Oroborus21


    There technically is no hard schedule. In places/cities where more than one congregation shares the Kingdom Hall, the meetings are especially flexible and the schedule is worked out between the congregations sharing the Hall. In my old/current congregation our Public Talk/WT study "rotated" annually and jumped from Sunday to Saturday.

    BUT having said that if the town only has ONE congregation in the Hall (in the U.S.) the schedule will almost invariably be this for ENGLISH congregations:

    Tuesday: Book Study (1 hour study of some WT publication, probably for the nth time)

    Thursday: Ministry School/Kingdom Ministry (basically a little less than 2 hours, w/o going into specifics)

    Sunday AM: Public Address/talk and Watch Tower Study (basically a little less than 2 hours) The WT Study is the only thing that purportedly studied worldwide more or less at the same time/the same week by JWs and we like to tout and brag about it as though it is really a big deal.

    Interesting enough, I have noticed that Spanish congregations follow a slightly different schedule even if they are the only one and often like to have their Public Address/WT Study on Saturdays. I think it is because they like to party Saturday night and relax on Sunday.

    All determnations of schedule are made by the local body of Elders. The only time a rigid schedule that does not vary is when the Circuit Overseer visits a congregation and that is because HE has to keep to a certain schedule and patter so the meetings will be on Tuesday and Thrusday invariably and be different also with the "book study" happening for the first part on Thursday.



    PS: i just gave you the congregation reg meetings, I didn't deal with meetings for field service

  • hubert

    A little.....LOL !!

    Thanks for this in-depth list.

    One more question, though....Which meetings would a new Bible study person be able to attend?


  • homesteader

    I would encourage them not to attend any meetings.

  • CaptainSchmideo

    The Sunday talk is usually the time when new ones are brought in. Attendance is higher, the talk is usually general interest and upbeat (usually), and it presents to a potential recruit the most normal looking of the meetings. The School/Service evening is usually the least used for new ones, since it's so unlike a normal church service. The Book Study night is sometimes used, but only if the potential recruit would be put off my large groups. And of course, there is always the Memorial, but since it has such weird ideas presented about what other churches call communion, it might do more to offput a new one than attract them. Is this what you were looking for? Trying to picket a hall or something?

  • M.J.
    One more question, though....Which meetings would a new Bible study person be able to attend?

    The Sunday WT study/ public talk is typically what visitors/studies are first invited to. They are also welcomed to the bookstudy. I am a "new Bible study person" (technically) and have often been invited to both. I've also attended the theocratic ministry school meeting as a visitor. There's no problem with that.

  • hubert

    Thanks, Homesteader and M.J.


  • DannyBloem

    times and weekdays vary.
    It depend on the culture of teh country.

    Some congregations have to share the kingdom hall (sometimes with 3 congregations), so it is nessesary for them to have the meeting on different times.

    Most of the meetings are quite boring.

  • PaulJ

    Just walk into any hall on a sunday morning and they will tell you.

  • Ticker

    I remember that meetings were set by the elder body, except the sunday meeting which was pretty concrete in its time to be in tune with the rest of the dub world. The book study was held on tuesday, thursday, and saturdays during my time with the JW's. Ive seen the ministry school/service meeting switch from tuesday to thursday and back again. These two meetings really have no set in stone times and often the bookstudy was held in the mornings. These meetings would also fluctuate around the C.O. visit, memorial, and assemblies. Not sure anymore what its like but I would imagine its much the same as it was.


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