The Potter's House - new "religious" corporation

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  • dorayakii

    LOL, this church wastes no time in getting into your wallets. Take a peek at the top right hand corner... The "Sharing Way" Pre-Paid Masercard, by The Potter's House, God's One True Church, interestwillbedebitedasatithesemimonthlyifyouareasingleparentyouwillbetitheddoublyasyoudonothaveonelessfamilymembertosupporttermsandconditionsapply, LMAO

    Kinda reminds me of the new announcements being made at the District Conventions. "Donations can be made tax free with credit or debit cards" or something like that. Accounts announcements, to me, have always sounded so out of place juxtaposed with talks talking about how the world are lovers of money etc... Surely such an announcement could have been made distreetly on a notice in the corner i used to think. I used to think, "if Jehovah is really guiding this organisatioin, surely he would make sure money was not a problem and would allow them to concentrate on spiritual matters"?

    Any more comments on this new cult, The Potter's House, or on Watchtower money collecting methods?

  • sonnyboy

    Suge Knight is a pastor now?

  • M.J.

    It's not a new cult. Got started like 30 years ago or something in Arizona. They're really into preaching hell and damnation...basically scaring people into loyalty. They even come out in the occasional parade dressed as grim reapers and stuff. I've heard people have to ask permission for taking a trip or other mundane activity. Also they are heavily and fanatically Pentecostalish, with emphasis on tongues, etc. The guy TD Jakes is actually pretty well publicized on some Christian TV outlets.

  • Check_Your_Premises

    Hey MJ,

    Glad to see you are keeping up on your cult watch activities.

    I saw these guys last week on TV. I was watching that TJ Jakes guy preach. Then I saw the name Potter's House flash up on the screen and the name rang a bell for me. I know I read about them somewhere on a cult watch web site.

    I showed the show to my wife. I haven't had a chance to look into them, since I have been away, but I am going to look into them some more.

    People who are trying to help open minds/hearts/eyes need to be well versed in several cults, not just jw!!!

    As anyone dealing with the jw knows, you can run down other religions all day. If you can talk about another group that acts the same way, you will indirectly force the jw to acknowledge their own groups misdeeds.


  • dorayakii
    It's not a new cult. Got started like 30 years ago or something in Arizona.

    I just assumed it was relatively new because of their statement on this page:

    The Potter's House is a nondenominational church, located in the southern sector of Dallas, Texas, that was founded in 1996. In just over seven years, The Potter's House grew from 50 families to more than 28,000 members who step out in force, inspired and spiritually armed by Bishop T.D. Jakes to help others in their communities and across the world. Christian Today and The Dallas Morning News tag The Potter's House church as one of the fastest growing churches in the nation.
  • under74

    Yeah, it's not new. I've known a couple people over the past 10 years who've joined and turned into recruiting machines. has a bunch of stuff on their cult listing about Potter's House.

  • under74
  • under74

    So, I take that back after reading more on it. Pastor Jakes who founded the Potter's House in Dallas (from the website you showed in the first post) is unrelated to the larger Potter's House founded in the 70s.

    Weird they both have the same name and no one has sued.

  • dorayakii

    Aha, i've just spotted something at the bottom of the wikipedia article:

    T. D. Jakes, or "Bishop Jakes", is an American Pentecostal preacher who pastors a church in Dallas, Texas called "The Potter's House". Both Jakes and the church he pastors are unrelated to the Potter's House Christian Fellowship.

    So the "Potter's House Christian Fellowship", Arizona had 100,000 as of March 2005. "The Potter's House", Texas had 28,000 members as of December 2002... They are two different churches...

    Since CFM was founded in 1970, there have been concerns that the church's strict discipling and adherence to those in authority has led to some leaving the church.
    Doesn't this sound familiar?!
  • Billygoat

    I've seen the Potter's House down in Southwest Dallas/Arlington area. It's HUGE!!! I think it's down by the Dallas Baptist University. The building looks much like a JW Circuit convention hall. The parking lot is massive. They have buses drive around the parking lot picking up people, so they don't have to walk all the way to the front door.

    Can you imagine being at church every Sunday with 28,000 other people?

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