JWs not chauvanists

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  • stillajwexelder

    before I came in Da Troof I thought cleaning was womens work - after I came in the truth I noticed Elders cleaned windows and held Janitorial positions - so JWs are not male chauvanists

  • the_classicist

    Rich ones are, the types that become dictatorial patriarchs, but they're not only in the JWs, they're everywhere.

  • Big Dog
    Big Dog

    No, they are more like male supremecists actually. Most I saw treated their wives like serfs.

  • Legolas

    If your refering to my post....they are so, in a way, I was talked to about telling people which house to go to because it was 'my' territory, I was told when a 'brother' is in the car,I can't do that!!!! I was SHOCKED to say the least!!

  • ballistic

    Come on stilla, you though you would post a provocative post, have you got anything real to say?

  • luna2

    LOL maybe not chauvanists as far as cleaning the KH or a venue for a DA, but in most other areas they sure are.

    The elder I worked for ran a cleaning business but I don't think that man ever picked up a dust rag or turned on a vacuum in his life. He couldn't even bid jobs properly...was always underestimating how long something would take. He used to show up at jobs where his wife was leading the clean-team to inspect the work and harass everybody to work faster. He was the ultimate chauvanist with his big red face, dressed up in his suit, tie and polished shoes as he berated the hot, sweaty, exhausted sisters for missing a spot or not being as far along as he thought they should be. Then he'd leave and return to his airconditioned car so he could drive off and be a pompus jackass someplace else.

  • stillajwexelder

    Come on stilla, you though you would post a provocative post, have you got anything real to say? NO Tongue in cheek more than provocative

  • Dune

    In my area, the elderettes usually wear the pants in the family. I very seldom see the elder being the dominant or abusive one.

  • kls
    so JWs are not male chauvanists

    Guess you haven't met my lazy husband.

  • z

    Kls If I would be you I’ll kick his arse and you should do it give him lessen in house kipping like how to use the micro

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