C.S. Lewis statement....

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  • stillajwexelder

    Leolaia BRILLIANT

  • luna2

    I must say, I did enjoy the Chronicles of Narnia when I was ten or eleven. LOL

  • LittleToe

    Luna:Me too. Unortunately Terry has finally reached high-school grade reading, and now finds them a little simple, but hasn't yet worked out that he doesn't have to denigrate children's books.

  • Abaddon

    Oh, god... I read 'Mere Christianity' as so many Christians I'd spoken to had talked about it in glowing terms.

    I think I wrote over that portion of my memory with episodes of the Simpsons, as it was so banal I could have wept... wasn't it something along the lines of 'people say somethings are bad therefore god exists'?

    Anyone who regains their faith in God from that book is obviously an idiot.

    As for Narnia, has anyone seen the trailers yet?


    The trailers look good, the CGI is by Weta, who also did LOTR. I don't know if the screen play will be any good, but it will look pretty...

  • LittleToe

    The one good thing I really appreciated from Mere Christianity were words to the following effect (my memory fails, and so I paraphrase):

    "We know that no-one may attain salvation except through Christ, however whether or not they know it is another matter".

    That may seem a bit strange, coming from someone of my track record (or at least as I would appear to be perceived, from some of the comments I receive), but please allow me to explain.

    It's words from an entirely Christian perspective, and may singularly be the most tolerant thing I've heard from that framework. It allows that others may have attained salvation, may have attained Christ, yet without necessarily having cognisance of the "facts" that Christendom generally holds dear.

    There is no doubt that the Christian "religion" is quite sectarian, so to me I found those words refreshing.

    I'll elaborate further, if I may (likely to the chagrin of some fellow Christians, but not all). If the Christian framework holds that Christ is the public face of "God" (regardless of whether they are Trinitarian, Binitarian, Unitarian, or Modalist), then whoever approaches "God" does so through the offices of Christ even if they don't know him as such.

    What name does an individual use in worship? I would posit that if they truly commune with the Divine and especially if the Divine is "One" and "Omnipresent", then the name matters little (and as has been argued so often here, lost to antiquity, anyhow), and neither does a whole pile of the theology surrounding it.

    It is an inclusive comment, from a sectarian perspective. Unusual, even in this post-modern, pluralist, day and age. It's emphasis is on the spiritual, rather than the religious, and for that it has my admiration.

  • talesin

    Well, I've never read any CS Lewis, but I just picked up an illustrated copy of The Screwtape Letters, so it will be interesting to read ... my expectations are not very high.

    The illustrations are awesome, though!


  • Lot

    Little Toe, I really couldn't agree more with what you say. I know I will be excoriated as an idiot, but C.S. Lewis was getting to something that is important for all of us to understand about Christianity. It's not so much about what we say or think about God, but it's how much God thinks about us. Now I don't pretend to have all the answers, and though Lewis thinks he has most of them, his writing, like Paul's, takes us further than they ever intended or thought that it would. And in that is the genius of Lewis.

    Now, I'm not putting Paul and Lewis on the same level although some of you don't think much of either of them, and that's fine. I'm not here to try to convince anyone of my opinion. After being a Witness for 15 years, I've had quite enough of that. My point is that Lewis is not as simple or idiotic as some might think, because anyone who can incite admiration and ridicule on the this level is worth listening to whether you agree with them or not. You are thinking! And for Witnesses or Exwitnesses, that is somehting isn't it?


  • Shining One
    Shining One

    I noticed that everyone here conveniently skipped my question....
    BTW, why does everyone here accept the existence of these other figures but many do not accept the existence of Christ Jesus?


    Some of you guys are really showing your insecurities now. You seem to be at a 'fever pitch' when people disagree with your beliefs. You ask for evidence and the opinion of scholars yet that is not suitable either. I see that often in those associated in some way with cults, myself included! You have exchanged one dogmatic belief for another. You are still seeing things in black/white and ignoring the reality that most things in this world are somewhere in between. There are two (not just two but many) sides to the coins of belief.

  • EvilForce

    Perhaps if your "question" wasn't a statement people would have answered it.

    Was there a Jewish dude who started a Harry Potter like crazy back in the day? Probably. Was he the "End all be all Christ"? No.
    Your book should be read as any other book. Interesting reading...possibly helpful hints in living our lives. And it should be put down like any other book when something more important comes along.....like watching paint dry.

  • IronGland
    C. S. Lewis once said that He witnessed a supernova while he creating a solar system out by the star Betalguese.

    C.S Lewis created a solar system near Betelgeuse? Most Impressive.

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