Did you ever find any of Jehovahs pronouncements 'thrilling'?

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  • LongHairGal

    Years ago I was "thrilled" because they were going to have a special meeting about a special tract.

    When I attended the meeting I felt let-down and cheated. Was that all there was? I wondered what all the excitement was all about! I felt like a real idiot who was conned, similar to the boy who cried wolf story. I even wrote a letter criticising their lame attempt to get everybody all whipped up only to be let down by a big nothing.

    A few years ago they had a special assembly day that you needed tickets to get into. I had no interest in going. After it was over I was told by a friend that it was much ado about nothing and was a big disappointment.

    I am convinced they do these things from time to time as a gauge to see just how stupid and gullible their followers are.

  • Finally-Free

    <sarcasm>Being the lazy bugger that I am, I was thrilled when the Society said we didn't need to get higher education to pursue "worldly" careers. It gave me an excuse to remain eternally stupid. </sarcasm>


  • damselfly

    Ummmm NO, not at the time, but a big Yes like Tetra to hearing about them now. Along the lines of "What are they thinking?!"


  • Honesty
    Did you ever find any of Jehovahs pronouncements 'thrilling'?

    You bet!!!

    After I left the WT/JW cult and started reading the Bible and doing research I found all sorts of thrilling pronouncements coming from Jehovah Himself that weren't filtered by an apostate publishing company writing department staffed by demon inspired men.

  • GetBusyLiving

    The only thing Witness related that I was excited about in my entire 28 year dub career was reading "Crisis of Conscience".



  • jeanniebeanz

    When I was young and bought into all the Armageddon crap, I can remember getting Goosebumps during some talks. I remember a couple pre '75 that were thrilling. Remember the "Resolutions" at the DC's? Things like adopting the resolution to "Put the UN on notice" that we were no part of them. And like, "Stay alive till 75!". Or who else remembers the "Resolution" Condemning Christendom for her "whoreing with the rulers of this world" and the pronouncements of her "Destruction"?

    Remember in the early '70s when they announced from the DC that the world had announced "(such and such year) has been declared the 'Year of Peace'!" And then followed that statement with, "Brothers and Sisters, put on your hardhats, for Armageddon is upon us!" I actually felt faint. These people scare the living crap out of kids... I was imagining my family and I running for our lives and hiding from the governments of the world, because the persecution was going to start that afternoon! I remember being confused that they didn't end the session at the time and send us immediately into hiding. By the end of the day, it was back to boring tripe...don't go to college...get baptised NOW because you can't get into the new system hanging onto your parents past the age of 10...mind your mom and dad or Jah was gonna squish you like a bug...pick up your trash...big brother is watching you...

    Scary stuff for a kid... After 75 though, then 76 came and went, then Malawi vs. Mexico thing came to light, and my eyes started to see things a little more objectively. I still bought it, but the doubts just kept accumulating until enough damaging information got through that I could really see them for what they are; life stealing, magazine selling, slave driving, wife beating, alcoholic false prophets...


  • Darth Yhwh
    Darth Yhwh

    I'm sorry, I'm not sure I'm reading the question properly? Are you and I reading the same Watchtower? How could I have possibly found any of Jehovah's pronouncements thrilling? Oh, wait a minute...I suppose that Jehovah's pronouncements could be thrilling if not first filtered through the lens of the WBTS.

  • NeonMadman

    Some thrilling pronouncements:

    *** w03 7/1 p. 15 "God Is Love" ***

    The Son joyfully served as his Father’s "master worker." (Proverbs 8:30; John 1:3) Jehovah and his Son worked together to bring all other things into being. What thrilling, happy times they had!


    wt chap. 1 p. 5 Unity of Worship in Our Time—What Does It Mean? ***

    AROUND the globe there is a thrilling movement toward unity of worship. It is bringing together millions of people of all nations, tribes, and languages. More are being gathered each year. These are identified in the Bible as "witnesses" of Jehovah and are called "a great crowd." They render God "sacred service day and night."


    wt chap. 1 p. 12 Unity of Worship in Our Time—What Does It Mean? ***

    For example, consider Jehovah’s thrilling promise to replace the present wicked world with new heavens and a new earth in which "righteousness is to dwell."


    cl chap. 8 p. 78 Restorative Power—Jehovah Is "Making All Things New" ***

    One thing that Jehovah has already restored is pure worship. In order to grasp what this means, let us briefly examine the history of the kingdom of Judah. Doing so will give us thrilling insight into Jehovah’s restorative power at work.


    cl chap. 8 pp. 82-83 Restorative Power—Jehovah Is "Making All Things New" ***

    Wrinkles will vanish, limbs will straighten, and muscles will flex with renewed power. All of faithful mankind will sense that the effects of sin and imperfection are gradually diminishing, dropping away. How we will thank Jehovah God for his marvelous restorative power! Let us now focus on one especially heartwarming aspect of this thrilling time of restoration.

    *** cl chap. 1 p. 8 "Look! This Is Our God" ***

    Furthermore, when God reveals his personal name, something great and thrilling is in the offing. He is inviting us to come to know him. He wants us to make the best choice we can make in life—to draw close to him.

    *** cl chap. 1 p. 13 "Look! This Is Our God" ***

    Although we cannot see God, there are thrilling passages in the Bible that afford us glimpses into heaven itself. The first chapter of Ezekiel is one example.

    *** ip-2 chap. 26 p. 372 "Be Joyful Forever in What I Am Creating" ***

    When Peter spoke of "new heavens and a new earth," he was not introducing a new idea. About 800 years earlier, Jehovah through the prophet Isaiah uttered similar words. That earlier promise had a small-scale fulfillment in 537 B.C.E. when the Jews were released from Babylonish captivity, enabling them to return to their homeland. But Isaiah’s prophecy is having a grand fulfillment today, and we look forward to an even more thrilling fulfillment in God’s coming new world.

    *** ip-2 chap. 26 p. 388 "Be Joyful Forever in What I Am Creating" ***

    Jehovah’s words are finding a thrilling fulfillment among true worshipers today. Since 1919, God has blessed the spiritual land of his people, transforming it into a spiritual paradise. Those coming into this spiritual paradise make remarkable changes in their lives.

    *** w94 8/1 pp. 21-22 Serving With the Most Progressive Organization ***

    It was during this period that the "Photo-Drama" filled me with wonder. Since I was mechanically inclined, the new photographic techniques and sound/picture synchronization fascinated me, as did the time-lapse photography. Observing the opening of the flowers was thrilling!

    *** km 3/94 p. 4 Declare the Thrilling Message in Revelation ***

    Declare the Thrilling Message in Revelation

    1 The Revelation Climax book has helped us to understand the thrilling message recorded in the book of Revelation. Help others appreciate how that message affects them by featuring this book in the ministry during March. You may find the following suggestions helpful in preparing your presentation.

    *** km 3/94 p. 4 Declare the Thrilling Message in Revelation ***

    You may be able to create interest by using this suggestion:

    · "At this time of year, many all over the world are thinking about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Did you ever wonder what he has been doing since his resurrection? Many thrilling events in our day are linked with Jesus’ present role in God’s purpose.

    *** w94 1/15 p. 24 Thrilling Conventions Promote Divine Teaching ***

    Thrilling Conventions Promote Divine Teaching

    ...If there were any missionaries present during the talk "Evangelizing Accomplishments in the Global Field," they were invited to share some of their experiences with the audience. Hearing the missionaries’ accounts was thrilling!

    *** w94 1/15 p. 30 Thrilling Conventions Promote Divine Teaching ***

    : "It is a pleasure to announce here today the release of this new book, entitled Jehovah’s Witnesses—Proclaimers of God’s Kingdom." The book contains a detailed account of the modern-day history of Jehovah’s Witnesses. It tells a thrilling story of endurance, determination, and success, giving powerful evidence of Jehovah’s spirit being active upon his servants.

    *** jv chap. 17 p. 264 Conventions Proof of Our Brotherhood ***

    . In 1963, 1969, and 1988, there were extensive discussions of thrilling prophecies of Revelation, which vividly foretell the fall of Babylon the Great and the incoming of God’s glorious new heavens and new earth.

    Should I keep going, or have you already gotten the message that Jehovah's Witnesses as a people are easily thrilled?

  • IronGland

    YHWH, because the announcements were often call "thrilling pronouncements from Jehovah".

    Things like adopting the resolution to "Put the UN on notice" that we were no part of them.

    What was the deal with those? Did they mail the UN a letter? Take out an ad in the New York Times?

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    now now Wait one minute here:

    Aren't you all Jehovah's people? And aren't Jehovah's people a HAPPY people?

    Then as Jehovah's people you better be thrilled with the pablum we are feeding you! You won't ever get the wonderful spiritual banquet like you get in Jehovah's organization. Even when it is regurgitated, refied and fed to you by tiny spoonfuls you KNOW you will be happy.

    I think most JWs just sit there and go through the motions. It wouldn't surprise me one bit to know they plan those clapping sessions to coincide with the time when most people are beginning to nod off due to their "happy" state.

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