Tell us your story if you went to seldom worked territory

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  • truthseeker

    Tell us about the results, the fun, the friendships you made and those that broke.

    Did you meet your current spouse there?

    What was your team captain like? How many of you went? Any breakdowns on the way, adventures or the like? A friend I know once worked in West Virginia - all the single sisters in the congregation were trying to get his attention.

    Well, you know, being in WV can't be that exciting if you're a dub.

  • Toronto_Guy

    I almost went once, but didn't work out with my job schedule.

    My former pioneer friend went with a Bethelite to a Native Canadian reserve in Northern Manitoba. He was planning to get caught up on his pioneer hours there with something like a 70 hr it didnt' work out that way, he didn't get nearly as much time as he was least he was honest about it ;)


  • lucky

    I went on one trip to seldom worked territory. It wasn't "official", but we did let the elders in the congregation know that we were coming. I was pioneering at the time. It was just a friend and me, in Nebraska. We drove my friend's dad's truck and slept in the back of the truck on the way there (it took us a couple days to get there), which in retrospect was probably actually pretty dangerous! We had to drive through Colorado and I had never seen the rockies, so that was fun. We spent the first night after we arrived sleeping in the back of the truck in the kingdom hall parking lot, but a brother and sister in the congregation ended up letting us stay at their house - they had an extra room. We spent every day all day for a week doing "rurals". It was a ton of fun. We were placing some brochure or other (it was one of those "blanket" campaigns), so we didn't have to talk much to the householders and all the houses were so far apart and it was just fun to see the scenery. We took lots of pictures, and got pretty creative with our photography, taking pictures of us up to our necks in wheat, or standing in old abandoned schoolhouses. Some days, the one pioneer brother in the congregation came with us and other days we had kids come with us (10-12 year olds, mostly). A couple days we were by ourselves. Everyone in the congregation was really nice and we were treated as sort of celebrities. We got invited over to dinner at peoples houses almost every night and they had a party for us at the end of the week. The whole thing was very fun. It's probably one of the few good memories I have from my 24 years of servitude...

  • troucul

    yup. West Virginia as a matter of fact. There actually was one guy in that hall I enjoyed meeting.

    We learned that all preachers will only be respected if they drive around in a big white Caddy. That was what the locals expected. (One of the elders who went with us had one. He met much "success.")

    It was kind of like JW's-Real World. While everyone was friendly with each other at the hall back home, everyone got annoyed with each other within 12 hours of arriving at the hall in WV.

    My pops was team captain, so I never had a problem.

    I also remember it being hot as hell.

    Every householder had a huge black velvet painting of Elvis.

    There was one dude sitting on his porch about 500 feet away from the hall just jammin on his banjo. That was pretty cool.

  • PaNiCAtTaCk

    I went to unassigned territory and within the first 15 minutes of the first day while in service I had major stomach problems. I was taken to the closest witnesses house and dropped off. After I was able to sneak to the alley and throw my underware away I spent the rest of the day sick on their sofa watching TV.

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