How much science we take on "faith"

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  • LittleToe
    The thing is though scientists have huge egos so if a scientist comes up with a theory there will always be other scientists who will peer review his/her work and would critique it heavily if wrong - so science is to a large degree self-policing

    Interestingly the same happens with theology. It, too, is self-correcting, over a loooong period of time. It used to be faster, in it's early days. Then again science, in the form which we have it today, is also in it's infancy LT, of the "some days I can't resist..." class

  • zagor

    Difference between science and religion is that science must show a proof of every claim whereas religion or faith is exactly that, no proof, fuzzy feeling.

    Now I agree that no one can take it all in. There are so many fields of scientific endeavour that would take you literally an eternity just to chew all what has be discovered so far, so you simply must, for the sake of sanity, focus on your narrow field of expertise and take other things on faith. Though I would rather replace that word with the word trust. So no one can adequately discuss it all due to shear volume of knowledge and that is quite normal to be expert in a narrow field and take other things on "faith" (mind you, some do think they can be a lid for every utensil as we say here, that is, to equally well discuss any scientific topic, that just speaks voulmes not of science but of them as "experts")

  • stillajwexelder

    LT, of the "some days I can't resist..." class

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