Tom Cruise had doubts about Scientology...

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  • rebel8

    ...but he returned to it with renewed vigor. Surprise.

  • daystar

    Yeah, another mind-f**k cult. This one much more dangerous than the JWs.

  • lilybird

    Well , that should be no surprise. He seems to have trouble making decisions in his life, for example, he has been married twice and is now marrying a girl young enough to be his daughter..

  • Mecurious?

    Tom can't read or write! But, i love him!


  • Preston
    The stress of learning - or believing? - that Xenu stacked his alien enemies in volcanoes, and then blew them up with H-bombs, was starting to wear on Cruise, according to one Scientology veteran who trained with Cruise.

    He was “pretty screwed up,” the source tells Kim Masters in Radar magazine. “He just got that pasty skin and that foolish look.

    “He just wanted Scientology to be away from him. He wanted to do no more auditing [the church’s mind-cleansing program], just nothing with any of that stuff, just go back to Hollywood.”

    Apparently worried that he was ready to bolt their Celebrity Center, his instructors are said to have backed off.

    Cruise was “taken off any kind of real heavy auditing and [told], ‘Let’s have some fruit, let’s get exercise, come to the exercise room,’” says his audit-mate. “‘Let’s play basketball.’”

    It’s true: After a nice medley of fresh fruit, an hour on the StairMaster, and being allowed to win a game of HORSE, all that stuff about the souls of aliens that possessed our bodies after being chained to a volcano and nuked by an evil alien warlord begins to make a lot more sense. I'm pretty sure the same fruit/cardio/hoops regiment works for heroin detox as well.

    - Preston

  • juni

    One of my return visits was on a Scientologist. He brought out their book. I can't remember details as it has been so long ago, but it amazed me at the time how quite a few of JW beliefs and Scientology beliefs are similar. Very odd.

  • Terry
    Yeah, another mind-f**k cult. This one much more dangerous than the JWs.

    Mmmm, personally I'd have to disagree with that.

    The core beliefs of Scientologists (the backstory of mankind) is so silly as to be easily dismissed.

    The "therapy" offered is priced upfront. You know what it is going to cost you and you actually measure the purported results.

    Apostates are at risk; but, if you never join you don't have that to worry about.

    On the other hand....

    JW's steal your life by closing your mind and turn you against your family and neighbors. They hold your loved one's hostage and threaten you daily with destruction. You cannot think for yourself and must live by a dizzying array of manmade rules that harken back to the Puritans in early America.

    JW's are absolutely certain they know nothing; but, they only have to listen to a dozen tired old farts in Brooklyn NY who invent tautologies for them to "think" by playing Polly Parrot at butt-numbing meetings five times a week at the local Kingdom Hall.

    Scientology is about YOU and YOUR life problems which they charge you to solve. You are important. But, as a JW you are nothing. Less than nothing. You must endure all life's calamities with a huge cheese-eating grin or be accused of Spiritual sickness.

    I'll take a soup can and an e-meter anyday over a polyester suited middle-aged speaker mouthing empty rhetoric hours on end to which I'm supposed glue my attention as though

    gold coins were pouring out of his arse.

    If you leave Scientology nobody comes to your house and invites you back with warnings about the End being "sooooo close". You pay as you go. With JW's you never stop paying; ESPECIALLY IF YOU LEAVE.


  • daystar

    Yes... very interesting... same with Mormons... is there a connection somewhere?

  • Ticker
    If you leave Scientology nobody comes to your house and invites you back with warnings about the End being "sooooo close".

    I agree with you Terry, but if you try to expose the corruption of Scientology as some have attempted you will soon see their velvet glove come off the iron fist. They are even more ruthless against dissenters then the JW's are. They will attempt to ruin you through and through and even castgate you with threats of violence. In fact when the big takeover took place after L. Ron Hubbards death, they stormed his wifes house and made her sign over the corporate relgion under threats and heavy manipulation.

    I do agree though that if you leave quietly they will leave you be, where as the JW's continue to try and spark the feelings of guilt by telling you how close armagedon is. The JW's never seem to quit until you either do one of three things;

    Move away, Return to the "fold", or they end up disfellowshipping you. Even in the last case of being disfellowshiped they still continue to bother you once a years with trying to stir feelings of guilt. That is unless you were disfellowshiped for apostacy, then they seem to fully back away.


  • Ticker
    Yes... very interesting... same with Mormons... is there a connection somewhere?

    Yes their is. lol Both are sects that were created by and following after a mans visionary beliefs on God and the bible. Both are high control groups, which I would class as cults due to certain features that coincide with bidermans chart of coercion. They both are pyramid structures with the pressure being put on members to recruit, recruit, recruit. No emphasis is put on the individual member but rather the individual becomes non important, but the financial and numerical prosperity of the corporate relgion as a whole is the all important main focus of the whole group. Ticker

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