Demographics within WTS

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    intresting thread!

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    One other thing that determines a "sister's" marriagability is submissiveness, or at least the appearance of submissiveness. A woman can be spiritual, attractive, and wealthy, but if she appears to be unsubmissive a "brother" will think twice about marrying her. Especially if he wants to make "progress" in the congregation.

    My ex was very spiritual, intelligent, and attractive. But she also spoke her mind. If she thought something was screwed up she said so. And she didn't care who she said it to. I liked that about her, but the elders certainly didn't, and my PO told me that she was the reason why I would never be a MS.


  • LongHairGal


    I was a woman like your ex so I didn't really fit in there. I too spoke my mind when something was screwed up - and I didn't care who I said it to. That didn't make me very popular. Initially, I never did this because I wanted to hurt anybody's feelings, I just felt things were unjust or just plain wrong. I never felt I was doing anything unscriptural, I was just calling a spade a spade. As with you, some men liked me and some didn't (same with the women there).

    Funny, even with all this abuse that is not the thing that made me want to call it quits there.

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