Insight To The can I get a copy?

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  • inquirer

    I'd give it about 7/10.

    I'm a generous marker in everything in my life. :)

    I guess the thing that makes it better is the pictures in it. Really good pictures that makes you understand the situation better. I hate looking at those old WTS publications! The pictures were awful! I know it's the techonology back then.... but. Eeeeewwww... But I don't want to knock the era too much. Great era! :) If you weren't a JW!

  • inquirer

    I think I would have stopped being a JW (if I lived back then) and just enjoy the era! :) lol

  • orangefatcat

    Anewme, I agree with you that the Aid book is far better than the Insight Books. Did you need a copy of the Aid bk. too? Because my ex husband has a few laying around his place.

    I happen to have a copy of the Aid bk on DVD, if you would like i could maybe get a copy for you. Just let me know.

    I have nevered welcomed you to JWD before so hear is my welcome to you.

    Ebay is a great way to get older publications at reasonable prices. I have even gone to second hand book stores and have found older books that is how I got three copies of the studies in the scriptures, . The Dawn Bible students sell copies of the society's older books including the Millieum Dawn at a very reasonable cost of I think 15 dollars plus shipping and handling.

    love Orangefatcat

  • peacefulpete

    i'm sorry but, why? Do you want to reindoctrinated? There is nothing in them of value. Honestly there is not a topic in them without WT spin and misinformation. If you want to seriously research the Bible just post a question here, there are some here with the experience and reference works to provide an answer without the cult coloring.

  • peacefulpete

    And do you really want to finacially support the WT ???? Just why did you leave???

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