I was outsmarted, and now must deposit the $100

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  • kwintestal

    We're watching a cat for a friend's mother for a few months. It was in a bad situation, so we took the cat in until things can get sorted out. Well, we wanted to do this as a favour, and when our friend's mother offered us money, we refused it. She said she'd send us the money anyway. I planned on just not depositing the cheque and destroying it, however it came today, and it isn't a cheque. It's a money order that she has already paid for. It would be of no benifit to destroy it. I guess I'll have to deposit it. She must have known! Argh.


  • damselfly

    That was sweet of her though. You could always donate it to the local animal shelter in her name and get them to send a card of recognition?


  • jgnat

    Aha, the cloak-and-dagger game of how to out-nice the neighbour! I have a similar battle going with mine. I love it!

    She sent me a Christmas card. I sent her crabapple jelly. She had us over for sphagetti dinner. I made her rhubarb crumb cake. She sent over two tubs of spare chili ("I made a big pot - lots left over.")

    As you can see, I am losing. For now.

    Here's what you do, kwin. Use the money to buy this nice lady something she needs and drop it off at her home. "I can't use it myself, no sense in putting it to waste."

  • Elsewhere

    I know a way you can out-smart her! Just cash it and then send the money to me!

  • Golden Girl
    Golden Girl

    I think she really appreciated your help. I would keep it and let her know how nice it was of her and glad you could help out.

    I do the same thing if someone does me a favor. It makes me feel better..like I'm not taking advantage of someone.

    When my daughter asked me to come over here and watch her animals while they were in Florida..I said sure!

    Then she went on to tell me she was going to pay me!.Well I have done this many times before at no pay.So I though ..yeah!

    Then she went on to say she would pay me HALF of what she would pay a kennel.

    I thought..hey..would a kennel clean your 2 story house..straighten the kids dressers,closets,wash clothes and iron them..lots of other things..and take care of the animals at your house for half price?

    Then I felt insulted and taken advantage of...

    I think free would have been better..

    Snoozy...who just cleaned the mess out of the microwave...

  • kwintestal

    Golden Girl! You got ripped off! I'd send a complaint to the Better Business Bureau!

    Really though, sometimes I just want to be nice to someone and help them out, just to be nice and help out, with no strings attached and no expectations. We will send a thank you note too, and perhaps donate the funds to the local SPCA, that sounds like a good idea.


  • Carmel

    Well you're up on me by about $800! My truck was broken into last night and $700 in cecks from renters stolen.. Looks like with stop payment charges, I'll only be out $45 so guess it could have been worse....


  • talesin

    How nice of her. I think you should keep it! Enjoy, take H2H out to dinner! I'll kidsit. t

  • wanderlustguy

    I'd be more than happy to help you out with that if it's really bothering you that much...

  • Es

    I think that was really cute of her, :) es

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