god created man....

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    think they say that in the original

    Genesis story, the man and woman wre created at the same time "male and female he created them"... (Gen 1:27)

    second Genesis story, that was added on after the Jewish exile, the need in their theology for woman to be inferior to men, led them to add the story where Eve was taken from Adam's rib... Eve then became an afterthought...

    Yeah there was a jewish effort to explain that just as doryakii said. They used the two creation stories (chapt 1 P chpt 2 J) and say Adam's first wife Lillith, who was made form the same dust as Adam (the language suggests that like other creation stories the two were joined perhaps back to back at creation) , became bold and self willed so yahweh made the second one from his side to not repeat the mistake. The colorful Lillith legend (she has supernatural powers and eats babies) is a perfect example of goddess worship recaste as evil demonism.

    Yeah, I do actually remember Lillith. She was independent (gasp!) Seems like Sarah McLachlan used that for her series of tours during the nineties. Lilith was banished from the garden. I’m curious as to whether or not that would be part of Kabbalah?

    explained well by "Friedman Who Wrote The Bible" - minimum 4 writers of Genesis - added later

    Have not heard of this…..Anymore info? otherwise I shall google it. J

    both. we created god, and so he is dumb and violent.
    Ask Uncle Remus or Aesop or Homer or..... well, you get the idea.

    Ok, yeah, I do get the idea, which brings me to another question. The god that was created…..the one in question being Yahweh, what purpose did it serve? It seems to me, that it was to take women and make them subject to man.

    That’s where Lilith becomes a very interesting figure. I was reading somewhere recently, that since the very story of Moses and the Red Sea has little, if nothing to back it up, much of what we read in the Hebrew scriptures is a condensed version of actual events. Turning a series of events into major ones. So, with Lilith, it seems to me that it fits quite well. Man saw that women were becoming independent, Lilith became the mythological figure representing the women of the time and so laws were created, laws that came from god, and women were brought into submission. Thus, to me anyway, a new woman, Eve, was born.

    How many other cultures do we see this in?

    When god created man and saw what she had done, she said "I can do better than this!"

    I think we should turn that into a poster! Too funny!!:)

    I'm just looking the various myths and legends and thought it was interesting to note that out of all the life that yahweh created according to the bible, he according to Genesis 2:18 created women later, as a helper to man. It just makes no sense.

    And..... oh yeah, I can imagine poor Adam watching these chimps and what not swinging from the branches having themselves a jolly old time and he's scratching his skull thinkin' "What the h*** are they doin'?" :)

    In terms of god doing what he wants with his creation....Hey that's fine, but creation wasn't going to get very far without the prescence of the female bod. Doncha think?

    Did other cultures at the time have similar stories, or is that unique to the bible?

    peace and blessings


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