Survival of the fittest God?

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  • DannyBloem

    Golf wrote:

    I came across this article, "Evolution vs. Intelligent Design."


    You forgot the : in the link, but anyway I looked it up.
    It has nothing to do with the discussion in this thread

    that it is atheism which is destroying true science, not religion.

    Yea, sure

    Also, there is no factual basis to evolution. No scientist has been able to mate a monkey and a human being and get something in between.

    Ha ha ha ha. Someone does not understand evolution here....

    Thus, according to Darwin, species continue to change or “evolve,” through a process of natural selection in which nature’s harsh conditions permit only the fittest to survive in more adaptable forms. But a funny thing happened on the way to the 20th century. The elite fittest are not having enough children to see that their tribe increases, while the so-called unfittest all over the globe are having kids like crazy.

    It depends what you call fittest.
    Anyway we limit the evolution that is going on now.

    Intelligent design is certainly proven by the fact that every living organism lives through a programmed cycle of birth, growth, and finally death. That very specific program is contained in the tiniest embryo at the time of conception. The embryo of a cow probably does not look any different from the embryo of a human being. But each has been programmed differently: one creates a cow, the other a human being. In the case of the latter, that tiny embryo contains an incredibly complex biological program that causes the individual to be born, pass through infancy and childhood, develop into maturity, middle-age, old age, and finally death, a process that takes sometimes as much as a hundred years. How can an accident plan what is going to happen 100 years after it has happened?

    proven, right....
    This reasoning is so wrong, I am not even going to start....

    But since intelligent design infers the existence of a designer—God—it is likely that evolutionists will resist any change in their views, since the acknowledgment of the existence of God is too nightmarish for them to contemplate.

    Actually I would wish for a God. But that does not make it so......

    One more thing: why are creationnist always posting and running away scared for any discussion?


  • tetrapod.sapien

    ya, really golf. this thread was about cultural evolution with regards to religion, and not biological evolution.

    so? this guy, Dr. Samuel Blumenfeld, who wrote the article, is a teacher who worked in the book publishing industry his whole life. so let's have him comment of the theory of biological diversity, evolution. he's a "doctor" afterall! he is also a neo-con-job, who was awarded his "doctorate" from a conservative christian university called Bob Jones university. whoopty-doo!

    the university is actually really funny. sorry for going off topic, but since we are already off topic, here is a funny quote from their student expectations page:

    Abercrombie & Fitch and its subsidiary Hollister have shown an unusual degree of antagonism to the name of Christ and an unusual display of wickedness in their promotions. In protest, we will not allow articles displaying their logos to be worn, carried, or displayed (even if covered or masked in some way).

    LOL. sounds like a place of higher learning Dr. Blumenfeld!

    nice comments on that link danny, LOL!


  • Golf

    I was hoping to find the thread on 'Intelligent Design' and this is the closest I got, so I threw it in.

    I was hoping someone would 'directly' challenge him.


  • RichieRich

    And now... in the ultimate theocratic death match:

    Jesus vs. Buddah

    Let's Get Ready to Humble!!!!!

  • tetrapod.sapien
    I was hoping someone would 'directly' challenge him.

    in what way? by calling him up?


    LOL. good to see you're still alive!

    i would personally like to take jesus on.


  • RichieRich

    I know I spelled Buddha wrong. Whatever.

    i would personally like to take jesus on.

    You take Jesus, I got the Pope and Vishnu.

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