They're safe!!!!!

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  • ozziepost
    Submariners 'satisfactory' after rescue
    5:07 PM August 7

    The seven crew of a Russian mini-submarine rescued after being stuck on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean are in a "satisfactory" condition and do not need special medical attention, the Russian Navy says.

    The Russian AS-28 was freed from deep-sea cables with British help, after a three-day ordeal on the sea bottom with dwindling oxygen.

    "The operation is finished. At 7:17am, the submarine broke the surface. The crew opened the hatch on their own," Rear Admiral Vladimir Pepelyaev said on state television.

    He said the seamen were put on a rescue ship to be taken to hospital in the far eastern Pacific port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky for further observation.

    "By our information, the doctors have said their condition is satisfactory. They have not needed any particular treatment," he said.

    Officers had said they might only have Sunday left to rescue the men stuck on board the AS-28, which was snarled up in heavy metal debris, because of their limited air supply.

    A British "Scorpio", an unmanned undersea rescue vehicle, was rushed at Moscow's request to waters off the far east Kamchatka peninsula.

    "I want to thank our English colleagues for their help in the rescue operation," Interfax quoted Rear Admiral Pepelyayev as saying following news that the crew had been saved.

    The AS-28, itself a rescue vessel, tangled its propeller in metal cords from the antenna of an electronic underwater monitoring station - part of Russia's coastal defences - during military exercises, trapping it 200 metres below the surface.

    The accident occurred on Thursday but only came to light the following day.
    Source: AFP/Reuters
  • the_classicist

    I'm glad Putin's administration was not so stubborn as to make this into another Kursk.

    Although, the ironic part of this whole thing is that the "mini-sub" is actually one of those rescue subs.

  • Elsewhere

    I was wondering about that.

    It seemed like for the last two and a half days the news kept saying: The crew only has 24 hours of air left.

  • confusedjw
    are in a "satisfactory" condition and do not need special medical attention, the Russian Navy says.

    In the "Old Russia" this could mean they are dead.

  • DazedAndConfused

    I am so happy these people are safe. I remember the reports from 5 years ago of a Russian sub that came into trouble and over 100 people died. I remember the hurt in my heart for those who died at the time and also for their family and friends. I am thankful these people are safe....AND ALIVE!!!

  • katiekitten

    I cant think of anything worse than being trapped in a submarine, just awful. Thank god they are safe.

  • kls

    Thank goodness. My nephew was on a submarine in the Navy and told of the cramped quarters and the feeling of being underwater and being trapped was one of his biggest fears.

  • shera

    Good news.

  • Joyzabel

    wonderful news. *whew*

    *off to read the newspaper now*

  • LittleToe

    Glad it didn't turn into another Kursk

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