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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I am a firm believer that information is power.

    Throughout my entire childhood and early adulthood either my parents, foster parent, and the WTS did a great job of controlling the information I had. By controlling the information, they controlled me.

    As a result of this information control, one of survival mechanisms has been to collect.... information. At one time I had a library of over 1500 books. When I moved out west I had to give away about half of those. And then I had to move them back across the province again.

    Well this is getting a bit silly to be moving all these books all over the place. And now I am in a small apartment and don't want to move these books yet again if I move.

    I love books. I treasure them. I can't stand it when I get a book from the library and someone had underlined and written all over the book. I never write in my books. They are too precious for that. (I used to hate underlining for the WT meetings.

    So... something has to go.

    The WTS books have had their day.

    Now to dispose of these unerringing "truthful" books I need to make sure they don't fall into some unsuspecting persons hands who might actually believe this stuff.

    So to get rid of them and protect the innocent ......

    I manually shredded them.

    Yup tore those little devils up by hand. No mean feat mind you considering the pain in my hands these days. But some things just have to be done.

    Now .... where are the rest of them.

  • luna2

    Good for you, LL! A friend of mine threw all of her books away, totally cleaned house. Don't believe she tore them up, though. I'm pretty sure she just tossed them in the nearest dumpster. She said it felt great to get rid of it all. LOL

    I have a number of JW books and magazines still as I have sort of a phobia about tearing them up or throwing them away. The collection I have isn't worth all that much as it is neither very old or very complete, but yet I hesitate. I'm taking next week off, so that may be the time to go through this stuff and see what is worth keeping (at least for now) and what to toss.

  • bikerchic


    I feel for ya Lee on that one! I always destroy any of the WTS literature I find when out and about like at the laundry mats. I would rather NO ONE read that crap, it's as bad as porn as far as I'm concerned!

    I also love books and have moved mine several times not to mention that marring a book-nick more than doubled our library. Good thing we don't like the same stuff, variety is interesting and I'm branching out a bit cept I still won't crack open the ones on Quantum Mechanics, bla.......

    I love books. I treasure them. I can't stand it when I get a book from the library and someone had underlined and written all over the book. I never write in my books. They are too precious for that. (I used to hate underlining for the WT meetings.

    LOL, I'm one of those underliners, I study my books and even use post-it's to mark special pages of stuff I want to refer back to. OK I don't do this to fluff reading and I loved to underline the WTS lit....I looked at it as art class the only way I could stomach going to meetings and studying was to make the pages look purdy!

    Anyway a milestone for you.......shred away! Good to know the anti-dub is alive and well and looking after mankind! Ahhh......good to see ya Lee!

  • hurt dave
    hurt dave

    info is power and when i acctuly took the "what does god require" from my dad and looked at it with my enlighted mind i relized this material is brainwashing. though raised in the truth fo 17 yes and drifted away for four i felt the need to let go so after rippng it up i let it fly out of my car.

    To freeing your minds,


  • Jeffro

    'hurt dave',
    You realise now that there'll probably be a Watchtower 'life story' article about someone who learned the 'truth' from a torn up Require brochure that someone threw out of their car.

  • out of the box
    out of the box

    I used to have a lot of books too. 'Aid' was my favorite. Well, I realized that when I started to drift and then try to get information, I was told 'do you have the current issue, it has changed. I then realized the only GOOD books were the ones that are currently sold. Everything else is OLD news! So, saving them anyway won't help you find NEW TROOF! ha ha

    out of the box

  • dedpoet

    I burned all my dub books, I haven't even got a bible now, I just wanted to make absolutely sure that no unsuspecting person would pick one up and read it, and end up believing that bs. I wouln't want even the slightest danger of having that on my conscience. It felt real good though, watching em all burn.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Yup definitely something cathartic about certain destructions

    Kate I used the sticky notes too in my books. But I could never imagine getting a book from the library and underlining or writing in it

    Come to think of it reading was an escape for me as far back as I could remember. I needed a lot of escaping back then

  • gespro

    Hi Lady Lee

    At first I was aghast that you shredded everything! Surely, I thought, you could sell the older stuff on Ebay or even donate them to FreeMinds but, then I realized, How therapeutic and freeing it would be to rip up every WTS publication I came across in my house!

    Sound like a great idea to me now!

    gespro of the 'attracted to women of substance' class

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    lol Well I have all these "treasures" on CD so I don't really need to have the actually book taking up va;uable space

    If nothing else I'm practical

    well sometimes

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