A few facts about my obsession, errr, hobby

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  • ballistic
    noticed some glaring ommisions from your collection though..only greatest hits of queen and elton..you oughta to have all their studio albums imo

    and if you like kate bush and alanis..then you should like tori amos

    Arrr, one thing I had better explain... If I have it on CD, then it's not on my computer. So sometimes you will see an entire artists collection minus their best ones. - that simply means I have the best ones on CD.

    Having said that, I have Queens entire works on the computer also, but because it was all ripped at only 128 kbps it has been ditched from the main collection - I try to keep everything at a minimum of 192 kbps although I've not been entirely successful.

    Think I have one from Tori Amos if I remember rightly, yes it's pretty cool. Just currently downloading the entire works of Peter Cetera, they're kinda "soft ballads" mainly if you're ever in the mood for that kind of thing. He does a fantastic version of S.O.S. by Abba. (I know I've got weird mixed tastes however)

    Oh, and if anyone spotted "crazy frog" in my collection, I downloaded it for someone else and have not listened to it whatsoever!!!

  • tijkmo

    ah ..well that would explain it then

  • HappyDad

    Thanks for the info Ballistic,

    As soon as I have some free time, I will definitely look into this.


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