You know you've done something wrong as a parent,,,,,,

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  • horrible life
    horrible life

    kls I think we all would feel much better, if we heard others tell how they have gone wrong. Or in other words (what dumb thing did your kid do). HL

  • z

    Kls did you show him how to preheat the micro? If you didn’t its all you fault you see I have son 26 and daughter 23 and I did show them how to do it here we go

    First flag in the micro in the outlet
    Look around and make sure you have metal in so you can see if the micro is hot
    Preheat the micro to 450
    Put the food in and cover it with metal top


  • kls

    ROTFL,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Z I love it !!!!!!!!!!

  • kls

    Datstar , how long did you date her or did you end up marrying her .

    Jgnat ,,,,,,i wouldn't put that past my kids ,lol

  • candidlynuts

    lmao! is this the same son that called walmart for baby delivery?

    similar thing, relative of mine called my mother to ask how much crisco do you put in a pan to fry bacon in hahahaha

  • Mulan

    I visited my elderly father this week, at his adult family home, where he is cared for by some wonderful Filipina women. He complained that his remote control wasn't working for the TV. He hadn't used the TV at all since moving there, so the caregivers thought it needed batteries and they planned to replace them, but didn't have any. I went to turn on the TV for him using the power button on the set. They looked so surprised and hadn't thought of that. Well............that didn't work either, so after searching a bit, I discovered it wasn't plugged in. After I plugged it in, everything worked great, even the remote.

    Poor gals, they were so embarrassed.

  • Elsewhere
    Son says " well how else do you preheat them


    Something tells me that he'll be up for a Darwin Award some day.

  • Apathy

    Reminds me of my dear old dad, the Non-Dub parent. He once tried to cut a gas tank open with a blowtorch. No kidding.
    And these genes are in me now.

  • talesin

    LMFAO at Apathy!!!!!

    Okay, my brother's wife is such a great person, and was a stay-at-home mom,,, and a good one,,,

    Funny thing, though, when they got married,,, she didn't know how to make a cup of tea! or make her bed! or run the vaccum!

    She came from a poor family, but her mom wanted her to have fun, and not be a slave to housework ... so, she was working at a job since age 14, but never had to cook anything, clean or do any housework whatsoever till after she got married.

    So, my brother taught her! Oh, yes, in our house the boy had household chores as well, so he was well-versed in cooking and cleaning skills.

    It boggles my mind that a 17 YO girl wouldn't know how to boil water.


  • therock

    i have a 27 yr daughter and one day we were looking at the moon set in the west <sun always rises in the east and sets in the west>and she says oh dad what a beautiful sunset. ooookkkk

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