GOALS ... Do you have any?

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  • xjwms

    The Pro's always say the best goals are those that are written down.

    Do you have goals?

    When I was a kid in school the teachers always pushed the idea of goals. I never did because the big A was right around the cornor. Now as an adult it is even harder to put goals in place. However, the longer I am away from JW things, the better I feel about the future. So I think it is time for meaningful goals.

    Goals are new, forwarding - moving objectives. They Magnetize you towards them.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Retire at 67 1/2 with enough health to enjoy retirement.


  • joelbear

    See 25 National Parks before I am 50. I have seen 20 so far, 2 more

    in Washington state this month.

    Change careers from analysis type work to creative type work by the

    time I am 50.

    Make more friends.

    Thats about it. I have accomplished most of my goals.

  • Big Dog
    Big Dog

    The same goal I have every night Pinky, to take over the world!

  • katiekitten

    Lose weight. Have sex in public. Be the best mum in the world (not necessarily in that order, snickers)

  • JH

    To stay young and look young as long as possible, and to live like a youngster as long as possible. I dread getting old.

    45 year old rat, thinking and acting like a 25 year old

  • Poztate
    Lose weight. Have sex in public.

  • LittleToe

    Sure, I'll shoot.

    Academic goals:

    • MBA (currently working on this)
    • Phd (I'll think of a subject when I've attained my Masters, above)

    Career Goals:

    • Head of Department (may acquire this one in the next six months)
    • Head of division (three to five year plan)
    • CEO (coz we all need something to aspire to)


    • Divorce (currently working on this)
    • Settled relationship (coz we all need something to aspire to)

    Travel and Recreation:

    • Rome
    • Tokyo
    • Sydney
    • Dive the Great Barrier Reef
    • Dive with Floridean Manatees
    • Walk the Great Wall of China
  • dedpoet

    Just to be happy and learn enough from my mistakes not to make the same ones again

  • ithinkisee

    My Goals:

    Get my wife and kids successfully out of JWs in the next six months.

    Sell my house and properties where I live and build a house outside Asheville, North Carolina and live mortgage free (buying the property next week hopefully).

    Spend more time with my family and help my kids to grow up as normal non-JWs. Teach them to learn how to make good friend choices based on character, and not based on what religion they are. Teach them how to set goals and work hard.

    Develop my songwriting skills working with songwriters in Asheville .... hopefully get good enough commercially.
    Start an indie record label to develop young artists in Asheville .... build a project studio.

    Help my wife develop her crafts business.


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