Author excommunicated by Mormon church

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  • RevFrank

    There is a video out,VCR, called, "DNA vs Book of Mormon." Several scientists, mormons, took a look at DNA vs. the Book of Mormon and discovered there was no link between the Native Americans, the indians, and mormonism.

    The Mormons believed that the Native Americans where related with the lost tribes of Isreal. Many of the mormons left the LDS, bcause of the lies Joe Smith told about the indians, because they know that one can break down the DNA and show proof if you're part indian or from any race in the world.

    There are many christian web sites that will sell anyone the video. Those who made the video is willing to offer the video free to any mormon who requests the video.

    I've seen the video and have a copy of it. I brought it in Nauvoo Illinois..which is the town where Joe Smith bought the town. It is on the Mississippi River. At one time in history Nauvoo Illinois had more population then Chicago Illinois.

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