Ideas! I need ideas for a date!

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  • not the administrator
    not the administrator

    sex in public without getting caught

  • DazedAndConfused

    Not sure what time it is there but here in the U. S., NYC especially there are many apartment buildings with rooftops where you can go and sunbathe, eat meals, dance, etc. I once lived in a house (single dwelling that had a great flat roof) and I would go out and sunbathe or just take time out for me. IT was great..

    Anyway, if you have access to a flat roof you can get to, my suggestion would be a nice homecooked meal (or if time does not permit it, order in), a bottle of wine or mixed drinks, romantic music (do the slow dance thing, or even the dirty dance thing) and a slinky outfit with that come hither look in your eyes.

    I don't remember, or see, who said it but you COULD follow this up with the idea one of the poster's said about looking at cards, flowers etc. and saying this is for you and it not costing a dime. I personally thought that was one of the most romantic things I have ever heard. THAT is something you would remember for many years after as opposed to actually getting these things.

    Good luck on your date and let us know what happened!

  • Thegoodgirl

    I like the picnic idea. Pack some wine, or his favorite snack/meal. Go to a nature reserve, or the lake/river/ocean (I'm too lazy to look up the part of the world in which you live...) Watch the sunset, it's free. End the night with a dessert out at a place you've never been if you're in a big city. Or the pineapple idea is cute too...

    Horrible life: I love that free cards and flowers thing.

  • Finally-Free
    Something romantic, something different, something relatively INEXPENSIVE...

    Without exception, the best dates of my life were always at home, usually upstairs. They were romantic, free, and there were many different things that could be done.


  • katiekitten

    how about an evening of opposites?

    Find a REALLY horribly expensive hotel or bar, and go there for one drink (but make it last) - its real fun looking at all the people who think they are important enough to go to horribly expensive bars.

    Then find a real rough pub with a live band, and get down in the mosh pit.

    You will be laughing your heads off at the differences, and your superior versatility in enjoying both.

  • Crumpet
    sex in public without getting caught

    nottheadmin - that's my idea of an ideal date!

  • katiekitten

    we missed our opportunity crumpy, W-S-M was packed!

  • Billygoat

    One of my favorite dates was a spontaneous "moment" around 10 pm. Mozz and I decided to walk to the park close to our home. We took some beer and played on the jungle gym, played on the swings, slid down the slides, layed in the grass and watched the stars. It was great! And cheap!

  • lowly one
    lowly one

    Ezra 9:5 "...I proceeded to kneel upon my knees and to spread out my palms to Jehovah my God. And I went on to say: "O my God, I do feel ashamed and embarrassed..."

    "... ideas are cheap ... anyone can have one..."

  • katiekitten

    So tell us. What did you do?

    (edited version please in case you followed some of the racier suggestions!)

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