Catch cry's phrases to stir the pot.

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  • Bstndance

    I totally agree with the women bringing about the demise statement.

    I always plant seeds in my mom's head about the borg. "Does god think you're less of a person and can't be trusted to lead the congregation because you are a woman?" "Women run multi-national companies, but they're not trusted to give sermons?" My mom says she doesn't really care but being a strong independent woman, I know that the seeds will start to grow.

  • jaffacake

    You could just casually say at least things aren't as bad as they used to be in previous centuries eg:

    • terrible plagues like bubonic, black death
    • very high mortality rates
    • wonderful breakthroughs in medicine, cancer treatments etc, people living so much longer
    • fewer wars this century

    A good reference source is - Sign of the last days by C O Johnson

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