Confusedjw-Jr and the State Tournament (Shamless)

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  • confusedjw

    My son's teams have won our district 5 times and thus been in the State Little League / Junior League / Senior League tournament 5 times over the last 6 years. They have won the States once, runner's up the last two years.

    This is from a local paper concerning a couple of the games he was in this past weekend. He had a homer and lead the team going 6 for 10. Pitching he saved a game and lost 3-1 in a solid outing...


    ....bring CONFUSEDJW_JR on in relief of Maguire with the count 2-0 on ....(we won 5-3)


    CONFUSEDJW_JR pitched a gem for Confused-Hometown, allowing just three hits and striking out six in going the distance.... Bussiere lofted a fly ball to left field that would have been an out in most baseball parks.

    Instead, CONFUSEDJW_JR and the Confusedjw-Hometown defense could only watch as the ball cleared the wall less than 300 feet away for a three-run homer. (we lost 3-1 - Confusedjw-Jr had 2 hits)


    CONFUSEDJW_JR lofted a leadoff homer over the short left field wall, and....

    ... brought Martin on to pitch the seventh and he quickly retired Dan Larry on a grounder to second. But CONFUSEDJW_JR singled and .....

    ....Robbins gave up a one-out single to Coulombe in the bottom of the inning but CONFUSEDJW_JR came up with a diving stop of a hard shot by Ingraham and threw out Couloumbe at second.

    (We won 7-5 getting 4 runs in the 7th)

  • kls

    Ya to Confused Jr,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,congratulations Jr ,,,,,,chip off the block i hope

  • confusedjw

    Those who can't do coach....

    ...Coach Confusedjw

  • Sunspot

    WAY TA GO!!

    NICE story from a proud Papa!

    Thanks for sharing! (It sure beats cheering that kids placed MORE WTS PUBLICATIONS this week than a neighboring town, doesn't it?) {shudder}



  • luna2

    WooHoo! Congrats to Confused Jr.!!

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