Tetras' Hollywood Smile

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  • LouBelle

    I couldn't resist. I'm sure you've noticed that tetra. has changed his avatar. He is showing his pearly whites to the world in true hollywood smiling style. Looks very happy!

    Nice teeth by the way.

  • googlemagoogle

    hollywood? i was thinking more about a insanely laughing mad professor who want's to rule the world... LOL

  • googlemagoogle

    DAMMIT!!! i wasted my post number 666!!!!

  • tetrapod.sapien


    gosh, flanks Loubelle!

    my mom gave me lot's of fluoride as a kid. every morning i got a pill. LT would say that this is why i am a skeptic, and he even has a study from Harvard to back it up. but i think it's part of the reason why to this day i still have not had one cavity. i've only had one wisdom tooth removed. but actually, it must also be a genetic mutation, because EVERYONE on both sides of my family has a mouth full of fillings.

    also, when i was 14, my mom took me to the orthodontist, who said i would need some crazy ass braces, complete with a head brace. LOL. it was going to cost like 6000.00 or something like that, so my mom told me not to worry about it because Armageddon was coming soon, and Joe Hoba would give me nice teeth in the New System. LOL! ha ha.

    anyways, miraculously, all my teeth came into line in a way that no one believes that i have never had any braces. i used to say: "thanks be to Jehovah's of peoples!". but now i say: "thanks to genetic mutation and natural selection!"


  • misanthropic

    Ha, nice, his new avatar makes me very happy!

  • fairchild
    DAMMIT!!! i wasted my post number 666!!!!

    LMFAO I'd have loved to waste my post # 666 on a good looking guy like tetra.

  • GetBusyLiving

    I think the new avatar is awesome but it scared the shit out of me initally. I thought maybe you were being tortured off camera man! It always brings a smile to my face lol.


  • delilah

    Tortured? or tickled GBL?????

  • FMZ


  • iggy_the_fish

    Good call FMZ

    Has anyone ever seen Brian Blessed and Tetra in the same place at the same time? hmmmmm, very suspicious if you ask me...


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