Service Meeting week of August 1, 2005

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  • TheListener

    Song 187

    15 min: Local announcements. Remind publishers to turn in field service reports for July. Invite audience to open to page 70 of the Ministry School book, and by means of an audience discussion, consider paragraphs 1-2 and the box "How to Comment at Meetings."

    15 min: "Help Your Children Progress in the Ministry." Talk and audience discussion. Include a demonstration of a parent and child using a simplified presentation. Have the parent conclude the presentation by briefly explaining the donation arrangement.

    15 min: Have You Tried a Flexible Approach? Talk and audience discussion based on the January 2005 Our Kingdom Ministry, page 6. Review the suggestions provided, and show how a flexible approach can be used with the literature offer for August. Have one or two presentaitons demonstrated.

    Song 218 and concluding prayer.


    I can't scan in the January 2005 KM page 6 but, it goes like this:

    Try a Flexible Approach

    Sincere interest in people will move us to try to discern their needs and show them how the Kingdom will provide the complete solution to the problems they face. (Phil. 2:4) A flexible approach that many publishers find effective is to invite the householder to comment on illustrations of Paradise scenes in our pbulications, such as those listed in the right-hand column of this page. You might do this using one of the following introductions:

    1. "Do you think we will ever see the human family enjoying the kind of conditions pictured here?"

    2. "All of us would like our children to be able to enjoy the kind of world pictured here. What do you think it would take to bring this about?"

    3. "This is an illustration of what the earth will look like when God's will takes place on earth as it is in heaven. Do you notice anything that is different from life today?"

    4. "Would you like to live under the conditions pictured here?" [Allow for response.] "Do you think this will happen in our lifetime?"

    Listen carefully to the person's response, and kindly draw him out with an additional question or two. If some respond that they would not want to live under the conditions pictured or that they do not believe that such a thing is possible, do not quickly conclude that they have no interest. Tactfully inquire why they feel the way they do. Their comments may reveal a deep concern over the seemingly unsolvable problems facing mankind. - Ezek. 9:4

    As you discern the householder's concerns, adapt your presentation accordingly. Highlight the aspect of the Kingdom message that most directly addresses his needs. Share one or two scriptures that touch on the matter that concerns him. (See suggestions in the right-hand column.) Let him see for himself what God's Word says. If he shows interest, offer the publication and arrange to call again. Continue to build on your initial conversation.

    {{{{{{the suggestions on matters that concern him in the right-hand columns are basic issues in the world like hunger, sickness and so forth with a scripture about it}}}}}

    Examples of Paradise Scenes:

    creation book: pages 237,243,251

    teacher book: pages 251-4

    knowledge book: pages 4-5, 188-9

    require brochure: pages 11,13

    true peace book: page 98

    worship god book: pages 92-3

  • ozziepost

    Same old, eh?

  • TheListener

    If you think reading it is bad, try sitting through it.

  • kwintestal
    consider paragraphs 1-2 and the box "How to Comment at Meetings.

    Are you serious!!! Talk about 'meat in due season'!


  • MidwichCuckoo

    15 minutes on how to comment? what's that then? a) put your hand up, b) if you're chosen (face fits), give your answer. Is this for those who dropped out of Primary school, as there was no need to learn to put your hand up in a classroom situation as the End was so close?

    ...and HALF AN HOUR on not only how to sell literature, but how to co-erce your kids to too. And they do this EVERY week?

  • 95stormfront

    It appears that the dumbing down of JW litter-ature is in full fast-forward mode. Even a so-called heartfelt comment comes with the stickler of how it is to be done.

    Must be all those poz-tates sneaking little nuggets of poz-tate information in those answers.

  • Honesty

    I keep telling myself that I shouldn't read the Service Meeting threads right after lunch.

  • RunningMan

    You'd think they wold realize that the old presentation has reached its saturation point. If you give a presentation a few billion times, you snag all the converts you are going to get. Time for a new approach.

    By the way, I hear next week will be a full one hour on "How to Donate".

  • TheListener

    Next week:

    Are you using handbills


    Now is the time to preach.

  • ChrisVance
    Is this for those who dropped out of Primary school,

    No, It's for those who dropped out of pioneer school!

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