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  • Daunt

    "But a part of me is saddened by the thought of a scant 70 or 80 years of existence if I'm lucky and then eternal nothingness, that there is nothing more, nothing greater to aspire to or hope for. Or that if some are correct that life was such an amazing coincidence that in the whole universe this might be the only place it happened, it just shrinks the tapestry for me. "

    One of the most unique, interesting and great things about the human mind is that we, this low bit of nothing in the universe, can think beyond nature, we can utilize nature to our needs in awesome ways. We can mold our mind to an almost infinite number of possibilities then criticize and annalyze those things.

    It can seem sad that we only have 80 years to live but me personally I can say that my 17 years on this planet at the moment has been anything but boring and pointless. I got away from a crazy psycho cult, I totally shattered that believe that was beaten in me from the time I was born and thought about it critically and discarded it as not worth my time. I'm an artist that can somewhat draw and I have 70 freakin years to work on it. Just thinking about it gets me excited and this is why I'm living.

    Sorry if this seems insensitive but I kind of chuckle when people say that there should be more to life or that this life needs more meaning in it. For the most part those individuals haven't experienced a small unnoticeable fraction of what there is to experience out there. You have the ability to love, learn, and help the individuals around you. This is worth living, and we haven't even sctrached the surface of what's possible to learn and love. In all seriousness I haven't heard of a heaven that sounds even closely appetizing. They're all so isolated without any chance of evolving and learning and questioning and critique. It's litterally hell. This life is heaven and hell and everything in between. Wouldn't want an outside foreign world to dominate my life. I'd rather work hard to support the super organism, humanity.

    Sorry if I went crazy I was gettin a little giddy typing it.

  • Big Dog
    Big Dog
    It can seem sad that we only have 80 years to live but me personally I can say that my 17 years on this planet at the moment has been anything but boring and pointless.

    Daunt, I totally agree with you, my 41 years has been far from boring or pointless as well, that's exactly why I would like more time. I don't mean this to sound patronizing but when you get older, 70 or 80 years seems like less and less time. I also agree that even in 70 or 80 years that we are barely able to scratch the surface of what we can know or accomplish. You are young yet, come back in 20 or 30 years and let me know if 80 years still seems like a long time. I used to roll my eyes at the "old folks" too when i was your age when they would go on about time getting away from them and where did it all go.

  • Daunt

    Ha I'll have to agree with you on that now Big Dog. Life does seem a little unforgiving but that's mother nature for ya. Enjoy it while it last and work your best to help humanity down the road, and enjoy your 80 years of existence. Kind of depressing but I'm about to eat some pizza so it'll be less depressing.

  • tetrapod.sapien


    nice comments.

    Big Dog,

    I don't think of myself as delusional,

    i certainly do not think of you as delusional at all either. far from it actually. i think it's very mature to ask questions and truly be interested in the answers, whether you agree with all of them or not.

    i don't mean to be such an evangelist for atheism, but this is a site with a bunch of brilliant essays on atheism that i read over the course of about a week when i was deconverting myself from the wits. if you want to take in a dose of intelligent non-belief, try any of them out. great reads:

    until next time!


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