To fahrvegnugen

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  • Preston

    Erm,...maybe we're not suppose to know the answers to the REALLY BIG QUESTIONS...well, at least not now anyway. if you ever see an Andrei Tarkovsky film you'll understand. Maybe the answers are just too much and they would drive us insane just knowing just like that episode of the Twilight Zone. Long live ambiguity!

    - Preston

  • BrendaCloutier

    I agree Presley. My simple human brain cannot fathom the humanly unfathomable.

  • Farkel


    I said, in all foolishness:

    : On the otherhand, no atheist can present a single fact to provide that a Creator doesn't exist.

    You wisely replied:

    :Can you imagine such "a fact"? Honestly, I wonder what would it take to make such an argument? Similarily, how do you prove that Santa doesn't exist?

    I have lectured people for years that one cannot disprove a negative assertion and I now fell into that trap myself. I said many times "I have 10,000 invisible purple unicorns telling me what God wants from me: prove me WRONG." No one can disprove a negative assertion.

    I apologize for that, Pole.


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