Gasoline / Petroleum breaks the £1 / Litre barrier

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  • LittleToe

    Yes, it's official! My last fill-up cost well over £50, at a cost of 101.9p/Litre.

    Even having been accustomed to paying 10% more than in mainland Scotland, this is a new all-time high. It was bad enough when it broke the £1 / Gallon mark, but this is outrageous!

    I've started taking a motorbike to work, instead of my car, as it's cheaper to run and easier to park.

    To compare, there are 3.8 litres to the USA gallon, and the current exchange rate is £1:$1.75.

    I'm paying $6.78 / US Gallon.

  • JH

    Here, it's 1 Canadian dollar a litre. or 3.78 Canadian $ for a US gallon or 3.02$US a US gallon.

  • Legolas

    I think as of midnight tonight ours goes up over a $1.

  • kls
    I'm paying $6.78 / US Gallon.

    HOLY CRAP!!! Here in Wisconsin where i live it is 2.34 a gallon and i was upset about this price but i guess i should be thankful.

  • Insomniac

    Horse and buggy setup is starting to look very attractive. Free fertilizer, and I think oats are cheaper than gas.

  • kls

    I drive a truck ( 4x4) and to fill my tank it is about 40 some dollars and paying what you pay in the UK would be a few dollars here and there just for gas . I could not fill my tank but better to go out and push it.

  • Princess

    OMG! It would cost $271.20 to fill my Excursion.

    Last week I paid $2.37 a gallon. I don't have to fill up more than once or twice a month so it's not too horrible...but it's pretty bad.

  • Poztate
    I'm paying $6.78 / US Gallon.

    You are getting SCREWED but not by the price of gas.Look into how much of that is taxes that are imposed on you by the govt.

  • JH

    And that's why I drive a small Japanese car. easy on gas

  • stillajwexelder

    That is not paying - it is extortion

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