Trolley Stands Up, Door-to-Door Work Down?

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  • notsurewheretogo
    The door to door work will finish if you are a believing will finish when the Great Tribulation starts...of course we know that will never happen but to a dub they firmly believe tomorrow might be the last day they do door to door...
  • quest81
    How are the cart pushers selected?
  • Vidiot

    The way things are going, I wouldn't be surprised if - before too long - cart work will be the only form of public preaching JWs end up doing, pioneers will only be expected to work put in hours a month, and paper publishing will be phased out all together.

    They're making it super easy to be a dutiful loyalist.

  • pepperheart
    the trolley dolly have to be veted by their elders and are given tips what to say and do and not say and do and its a good excuse to use up all the books etc just this week ive seen a trolley full of teaching books from 2006 and the OLD VERSION of "what does the bible really teach"
  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    One nice thing about trolley dolly and being stationary is that apostates can approach them and fill them in on all these child molestation lawsuits and the big money grab that the Governing Body is using to pay them off. They can't escape when we tell them. That has got to be very demoralizing and ego deflating of confidence in the Watchtower Corporation.

    We can show them where the Watchtower Corporation is playing them as suckers for all that they can get, money free labor, baptizing very young children and having their parents shun them when they don't follow corporate dirrective to a tee, etc... which should help to slow down the works eventually. I'd stay away from dopey doctrinal issues and focus in right away on how they are being played all the while the greedy fucks who run the corporation are laughing all the way to the bank.

  • steve2
    Ironically, the only people willing to talk to JWs staffing literature trolleys are ex-Witnesses. Desperately lean times for the once proudly forward-looking rank and file.
  • freddo

    "How are the trolley dollies chosen"

    Metropolitan in cities - Regular Pioneers only but just beginning to include some "exemplary" publishers - you know - elders and their wives and adult kids that dress "professionally." Nepotism rules.

    Local Cong - If you have a pulse and don't dress like a vagrant you're pretty much in in some congregations. In others they are more Pharisaical and try to copy or go beyond the metropolitan rules.

    And the vast increase from all this standing around? A big fat zero. In our hall we have about 95 publishers and about 65 attend the meetings.

  • Vidiot

    steve2 - "Trolley Stands Up, Door-to-Door Work Down"...

    "Prime minister of Malaysia bad! Martial arts good!"

  • JWdaughter
    A family member who is a pioneer has a standing date each week to do cart work. There is a schedule and she is in it every week. She re-arranges her schedule to be on the cart-for whatever it is worth. She has a big minivan for regular work though, and you know how most don't contribute to gas, so I can see why she'd like the cart.

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