Mom says, "CO says there's only 15 years left!"

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  • Simon
    then I see in their eyes that they know that is the truth, they just can't say it themselves

    There is an element of "sunk cost" so it becomes like waiting for a bus that is never going to arrive.

    You wait, ... and wait, ... and wait. You know there is some issue and the bus is not going to come but you've waited so long already - what if you walk away now and then it arrives?!

    So you spend forever waiting at a bus stop, paralyzed to walk away for fear you will miss out after waiting so long.

  • BluesBrother

    The original printing of the "Truth Book" (that blue bombshell, remember?) had a quote from somebody who "said in 1960 that 'I know that in fifteen years time this world is going to be too dangerous to live in'"

    Ooh, we said . 1960+15 = 1975 "How significant!" 

    Total rubbish, along with the quotes from a book called "Famine 1975" that they kept using.......

  • OneEyedJoe
    I was told in the 1960's that I would never finish high school. Well let's see...I finished high school, my children finished high school and some of my grandchildren have finished high school.

    What they meant was that your overlapping generation wouldn't finish highschool!

    The comment from the CO was probably the standard "It sure doesn't seem possible that this system can go on for another 15 years!"  I think I've heard some comment like that in every CO talk since I was an infant.  Noncommittal but still does the job.

  • prologos
    well, JWs can therefore surely look forward to another big special campaign: the centennial of 1925 and 50st anniversary of 1975! Perhaps celebrating the 2 000 000 st centenarian that clicks on J WORK that year ! ---  to qualify for paradise. One click it takes to be a sheep. Then, at least 2 million babies born  1925 will never die. 
  • blondie

    But it has gone on since 1975, 40 has gone on since 1994, 21 years....

     Matthew 24:44New International Version (NIV)

    44 So you also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him.

  • Oubliette

    This is just ridiculous. How long can people keep falling for this crap.

    At some point, you have to accept that the people that go along with it are as culpable as the guys running the con.

  • wannabefree

    Most JW's think the end will come before they will ever get a chance to ________ (insert event).

    I became a JW at the age of 20.  ... quit college because the end was near ... didn't plan for my future or my children's because the end was near ... thought children would never even be in public school before the end came (my oldest is now 27) ... questioned the need for braces for one of my children because the end was so close (did get them though, but that I would even question it disturbs me) ...

    Yet, the Organization blames the believer for their own false expectations ... well, since the experience isn't at all unique proves otherwise.

    I'm not sure if this is accurate, but most born-ins my age seemed to address many of these issues differently.  It almost seems that perhaps their parents who went through the 1975 fiasco hedged their bets (burn me once right?)... while me, a convert in the 1980's just gulped it all down.  For instance ... I was going to school for electrical engineering ... a brother my age raised in the religion also went to school for electrical engineering (I didn't know him at the time, be we ended up in the same congregation), difference being he completed school and got his engineering degree and I quit because I listened to the counsel of the JW's at the time.

    Of course when I brought this up a few years ago with elders it was my fault and I was bitter.

    Yes, it was my fault!  What an idiot!  Damn cult!

  • millie210
    wannabefree, you raise a good point. Why do Jws peer pressure people in to NOT getting an education while at the same time, fawning over the ones who HAVE an education? 
  • wannabefree

    ... another point

    to this day I remember by heart the name of a Watchtower article that came out in 1988 ....

    "Responsible Childbearing in this Time of the End" this was in the 3/1/88 Watchtower

    Why was this article seared into my conscience?  Because I was young in "The Truth" and my wife was at this time 6 months pregnant which means we probably studied it around the time my first child was born.  I remember somebody bringing it up in conversation with my wife and I before we covered it at the meeting and wondering if the article made me feel bad.  It hadn't until that moment.  From that point I did feel somewhat guilty, like I had to make an excuse for the irresponsibility of bringing a child into the world at a time that we might have to take to flight any moment.  Woe to the pregnant woman or those with small children.

    SO, will the end be here in 15 years?  Whatever.  [email protected]#K OFF JW C.O. and your entire organization!

    That religion is guilty in causing so many to experience the reality of the words of Proverbs 13:12

  • ShirleyW

    My mom used to say the end is near also just about week when I was growing up in the 60's also.  A few years before she passed  in 2006 she changed up and said "we're on the fringe" of the BIg A, I wonder what she would say now?  The fringe is pretty close to the end of anything.

    Also the JWs do say they believe in the scripture that says no man knows the day nor hour, so why are they always saying the end is near?  Ask your mom that and listen to her go around in circles trying to explain that one.

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