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  • tijkmo

    dont mean to be morbid here

    but as a jw all of this was taken care of

    now i think if i were to die tomorrow i wouldnt want a jw funeral (although technically i could still qualify) and i wouldn't even want any of my former associates who abandoned me when i needed them most to be there..

    so what arrangements have you made

    tis gonna happen some time right

  • diamondblue1974

    Tij - tis a very dark subject for a monday mate....whats brought this on?


  • JH

    They can throw me in the sewers...

  • tijkmo

    db...i was thinking about it over the weekend when i had got all the help re the references..

    so much of what we do and plan for is just taken for granted that jw will organize..weddings, funerals ,references, moving house..etc etc

    and now i have to think about other ways to do them

  • wanderlustguy

    Hopefully there won't be much left...

  • RichieRich

    I have discussed this with my family. We talked about it on the way home from a relative's funeral.

    In case of my untimely death,

    I am to be burried in a wooden box. Preferably cherry.

    I will, under no circumstances, be cremated.

    There will be no open casket, no wake, or proper funeral. Only a grave side service. This will be exclusively for my family and closest friends.

    I don't want 1500 kids from school and the whole of Jehovah's witnesses NC circuit 6B in attendance.

    I don't know why- but thats how I want it to go.

  • diamondblue1974

    Its a good point to make...albeit dark

    My friends will take my funeral...certainly dont want any half wit priest that never knew me pronouncing ashes to ashes and all that....part of me though does want a church funeral...Ive said it before but I would make sure that I choose the most difficult hymn for everyone to sing...and that would be my parting practical joke...if theres an afterlife then you can rest assured that I will be sat on my firestool PMSL at everybodys efforts.

    Joking apart though, its surprising how much is mapped out for you when you are inside the Borg isnt it?...good post Tij...


  • Markfromcali

    I for one don't really care, and don't really see the point besides just good planning of your estate and whatnot. I mean you're dead, how are you going to see to it that it actually happens the way you want after that happens?

    But in terms of style, I've actually thought of tupperware coffin and things like that, music mocking how solemn people get and so on. I would like my friends to be happy and celebrate life rather than be all down and depressed. But of course, at that point I am dead, if they're gonna be down I can't help them with that.

  • Dan-O

    I really don't freakin' CARE who takes my funeral. I will be dead at that point.

  • andy2tanx

    this is something we have spoke about. I do a dangerous job, so it's always in my mind to a greater or lesser degree. I want my organs donating to whoever needs them.. One of the lads at work had a wife die young last year, and her organs saved teh lives of 5 people. What a legacy. Cremate the rest of me, I don't give a shite about that. Then I want £1000 sticking behind the bar so everyone can have a good old party for me, hopefully I'll be wandering around in some form of ephemeral guise watching my mates enjoying themselves!! And the music had better be REALLY loud, preferably The Stone Roses singing 'I Am The Resurrection.' I kid you not! It's one of my favourite songs. Check it out.

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