Free-will V.S predestiny

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  • DannyBloem

    Yet another thread about free will.

    If Christ knew that peter would disown him 3 times before the cock crowed; then this means that peter's actions were pre-ordained, and therefore peter didn't have any free-will.

    IF by chance, peter had not disowned Christ... then Christ would have been wrong... and hence imperfect.

    If christ were imperfect... then the whole basis of christianity would not make sense. IE... the point in christs life, was to be a sacrifice to God... a perfect life in exchange for the perfect life Adam gave up.

    So Peter had no choice... once Christ made his prediction.

    Of course it was written afterward, so that explains maybe something...

    The bible is not very clear about it anyway, but a free will seems to be the most realistic.

    The whole thing about time and god mentioned above is how scientists see it (most of them anyway). It can be combined with a pre destination or with free will, as long as there is no information passes from to 'outside' the universe. This rule seems very logical, because information must have a carrier, and it is very unlikely photons or something like it to leave the universe.

    Forf ree will there is of course a problem. Where does it scientifically come from???? Who can Answer this?

    I think free will is a illusion. We do things because of current influence (states at the moment in our brain). Based on previous experiences, and random quantum fluctuations.

    See as I see it. The universe is not deterministic, but free will is also a illusion.


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