Comments You Will Not Hear at the 6-26-05 WT Study (Exercise Restraint)

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  • bennyk

    Dear blondie,

    Thanks for the very kind response. What hurt are: 1) the wound is VERY fresh (they were to have announced it yesterday evening -- I hadn't bothered to appeal it), 2) the witnesses brought forward included TWO very old "friends" --both of whom agree, in principle, with the statements for which they denounced me, 3) their repeated insistence that I am an "evil slave" doesn't make it so, and 4) it is a wee bit disheartening to experience the fact that reason and knowledge of the Scriptures appear to be NO match for authority.

    They did let me speak my piece (to everyone's credit, things remained calm); they did NOT refute my arguments, they simply did not address them. At the end of the day, all that mattered to anyone was my unwillingness to worship the WTS.

    At least I did hold the moral high-ground, and did NOT denounce the traitorous former friends: it may very well be that they feel worse about this entire affair than do I. And who knows what seeds were planted? Thanks much for letting me vent. Good weekend, everybody!!!

    Love, ben (of the things-look-a -whole-lot-brighter-today class )

  • bulldozer

    Benny, For your information they did not announce anything about you or your wife last night. I am sorry that you are struggling with this. It sounds like you are under a great deal of stress. I am sure the Lord will help you through this ordeal. I will continue to pray for you and your wife. Keep the faith, brother. Bulldozer

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    It appears to myself that the "ongoing waffle" simply obfiscates the initial message -which is the reliance on your acceptance that these words are for you.

    A slave of the Lord does not need to fight, but needs to be gentle toward all, keeping himself restrained under evil.''-2 TIMOTHY 2:24.

    In other words, "You Are A Slave of The Lord"
    (and that at best - if you're good enough!)
    The response for me is, "You've been mistaken. A freedman and son is what I am. The message is for someone else and perhaps yourself. Are you suggesting that I have received the spirit of slavery to fall back into fear ? "


  • Pistoff
    This does not

    make such speech acceptable for us as Christians

    Now why would they call us Christians in this case? In nearly every other reference to the R and F, we are "worshippers of Jehovah".

    Is it because it is obvious that in this case a Christian would not turn the other cheek? But a worshipper of Jehovah, in tune with the eye for eye mentality of the OT, might well just punch the "opposer" in the nose.

    Is anyone else just sick to death of being constantly referred to as worshippers of Jehovah??? As if to distinguish us from worshippers of Baal, or Marduk? How stupid does this sound to non-witnesses? Do JW's even understand why they keep up the use of this term?


  • blondie

    heathen, good point,

    wonder if they try that on thursday night ministry school . LOL everybody would want the part of the house holder insulting the J-dub . The dub having to sit there calmly with rebuking skills

    That is so true; school talks always depict the householder as being favorable and the demos on the service meeting always show the person taking the literature. I remember a brother once who had one demo show the person not interested and the other with the person taking the publicaitons. He was counseled by the PO that the demos should always be positive showing people taking the publications. What a bunch of crap that is. That is why most JWs have no idea how to handle a situation IRL.

    Sorry, bennyk, to hear of your recent pain.

    2) the witnesses brought forward included TWO very old "friends" --both of whom agree, in principle, with the statements for which they denounced me,

    This is actually similar to a technique elders use with each other. They will commisserate with another elder about a third elder and how unchristian his words/behavior are but then at an elder's meeting they sit mutely while that elder verbally abuses you and other elders, never speaking up in your behalf as he did in private.

    Certainly, Jesus knows what it is like to be denounced by a "friend." In my case, it was seeing how easily just about any JW will lie to protect themselves and my sadness that I once thought I could trust my life with these people.

    It sounds like bulldozer can be a support. Thanks, bulldozer.

    A Paduan, yes, if only the elders/WTS let people form individual views based on the Bible. But there must be uniformity oh, right unity and if they discover otherwise, they will force uniformity or kick the person out.

    Hi pistoff,

    Is anyone else just sick to death of being constantly referred to as worshippers of Jehovah

    I try to point these occurrences in my review. It certainly keeps Christ out of the picture. When asked what religion they are, most JWs will say Jehovah's witnesses, not Christians. It is not surprising that so many non-JWs have no clue that JWs consider themselves Christians. I did know an older brother (70's) when I was a teenager that always sayd, "I'm engaging in a Christian work" right away. I wonder what those on JWD who still are in a position to observe JWs in the d2d, what they say now.

    Good comments, Blondie

  • watchtower_and_afake

    Do you ever notice that even when you are kind and listen to the JW presentation, that when you finally do get a chance to speak and start to show JW's some things that they may have never read in there own bibles they quickly say " well I see your minds already made up, we have to get going now"? That happened to me about three weeks ago. I told the man that Im very sincerly interested in the truth, and Im sure you are too right? He stated that he was. I said "well lets examine the history of the Jehovahs Witnesses and see if we see a pattern of truth, or a pattern of lies, after all, you did say you were interested in the truth right?" He sat there with a constipated look on his face and said that he already knows that he has the truth, and he thanked me for my time and left. As he was leaving I said " I guess I can see whos mind is really already made up." -- better get your shades on the lights gonna get pretty bright now!!

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