Bransch office sold in Sweden

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  • Bugbear

    News I heard on the radio. Swedish branch office in Arboga sold for 10 million US$ to the local community. It is going to be a home for elderly people. Hoping that some of the older people within the the JW org.can stay there for free. After all they have already paid for it.!!


  • Dismissing servant
    Dismissing servant

    So it is confirmed now!

    It was a home for elderly people eaven during the Bethel years...not everyone of them were transfered to Denmark.

  • OnTheWayOut
    That won't even pay for one good lawsuit.  But it might pay for ten to twenty out-of-court settlements.  
  • Simon

    Those evil worldly people - willing to pay money to take on the responsibility of caring for the elderly.

    All praise the GB and Jehovah who discard them and make a profit at he same time.

  • zeb

    for aged care where is this "charitable" aspect they brag about they should have given the site to the local community.

    or as Swedish group ABBA sang once "Its a rich mans world".

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