Elephants and JWs never forget

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  • Joziqueen

    My mother in law lost her husband to cancer recently. So feeling lonely and been pushed by her sister (active witness) after not stepping in a hall for 20 years she went to a Sunday meeting. One meeting where she had the surreal experience of having to watch a "special talk" on JW TV. After getting over the creepy experience which was nothing like she remembered when she was an active witness, she was phoned by one of the elders. (She had to provide personal details at the meeting). He then questioned her about her hearing and disfellowshipping from 30 years before!

    To paint the picture of how outrageous this is:

    1) she has just lost a husband of 17 years. 2) 30 years ago her big sin was taking up with a toy boy after her elder JW husband broke every bone in her face and tried to burn the family home down. 3) The elders at the time advised her to forgive him and get back with him.

    So she now, whilst reaching out for comfort, has to dredge up the past and a horror past at that and re-answer for her "sins".

    An organisation of love indeed. 



  • Crazyguy
    Hopefully she will not go back 
  • Xanthippe
    They endlessly talk about love and forgiveness but instead they have turned holding a grudge into an art form and call it following bible principles. My condolences on you family's loss.
  • smiddy

            Joziqueen ,  welcome to the forum , Hope you enjoy your time here , so much to digest,

    I hope your MIL walks out of a KH and shakes the dust off of her feat and never goes back.

    Most elders are so far up themselves that they do not  realize their brains are full of shit .


  • sowhatnow

    well, if she [and her jw sister ]

    hasnt seen the 'light' from that experience

    shes truly in the dark.

    bunch of ........

  • millie210

    Wow. I guess all that one can say is that while the love has gone missing, the record keeping abilities are firmly intact.

    (I would probably stay away another 30 years if it were me}

    wishing you and your aunt well.

  • Finkelstein

    Just like the JWS to take advantage of someone who's in a state emotional distress like a death of a spouse.  Some dick weed elder who wants to express his power in the congregation makes a move as to evaluate the intent of someone who was once DFed.

    If this isn't a sign of the crazy insanity of this cult, I don't know what is !!! 

    I hope this woman clearly sees the indulgent corruption of this organization and tosses it in the trash can where it belongs.  

  • flipper
    Oh my ! This poor woman is going to go back and suffer MORE abuse from the elders ? When she already suffered horrific abuse at the hands of her abusive elder first husband ? Please reason with your mother in law and save her from making a big mistake. This organization will throw her under the bus. And make her feel guilty about the evils that she suffered years ago. I wish her the best. Hope she doesn't go back to any more meetings
  • JWdaughter

    So, if an elder does something and doesn't get caught for 3 years, he can consider his sins washed away , but 30 years later, she is still bound by hers? I know I am missing something in that, but really, that is the gist of it, right?

    You might want to mention that to your sister. Wonder if elders are suppposed to dredge up "sins" of 30 years ago when asked if they are qualified?  

  • ToesUp

    I agree with Flipper, you need to warn her. This abusive cult that disguises itself as a religion is the most abusive bunch of "Brothers."

    I also agree with JWdaughter, the Elders (this is in the secret Elders book) get a free pass but not her after 30yrs?  Hypocrites!!!

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