We Need a Video like this one

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    Maybe Happy Cart is a transformer!?!? Oooohhh!!! Me likey!!! Sparlock vs Happy Cart/transformer in a light saber duel on top of JW HQ!!! 


  • brandnew
    Now that.....is what im talkin bout ! ! ! ! WOOOOO HOOOOO ! !! 

    Let's add this to the script....( cue music/ dissolve...."

    HH: So that video you showed me, who decides to make that?

    JW: The Governing Body of the WTBTS decide what kind of spiritual food to prepare.

    HH: I thought you said the FDS makes the decisions? 

    JW: The GB is the FDS when they get together.

    HH: Hold on, you're saying that the GB are the "slave", I don't follow.  

    JW: Well, the GB are just domestics, but when they combine there power on Wednesday's in the boardroom, they become the "Slave!" 

    HH: So every week the individual members of  the "domestic" GB combine their powers, ummmm..like Captain Planet or The Constructicons, and become the FDS. Then Jesus tells them what cartoon to make? 

    JW: Exactly! 

    HH: Ohhhh...Kayyy???!?  So to gain life, I have to prove myself holy by unquestioning obedience to the dictates of 7 guys in New York who were chosen by God to meet in a room every week and decide what kind of video to put on the 144,000 Club, be it a singing literature cart or what have you??

    JW: YEP! 

    HH: If I don't then God will kill me along with 99% of the planets population. 

    JW: Pretty much, yeah...and more than likely I will move into your house. Do you have a soaking tub, BTW??

    HH: Sure, do want to check it out? 

    JW: Mmmm... Nah, I'll wait on Jehovah.

    HH: Alrighty then,....ummm.. You know it's relatively easy to get psychological help these day. I could give you a number to call??? 

    JW: ( Distracted by cat) Ummm...huh??! So...do you want this tract on life's big questions??? ( tract at arms length, staring down at cat)

    HH: Why don't you just get the hell out of here..

    JW: ( Perks up) Okay then! I'll mark you down for a RV and 2 boxes of snicker doodles.

    HH: WTF?!?! GET THE F*** OUT OF HERE!!

    JW: How about I write you down as a DNC and we make it one box??



  • Island Man
    Island Man

    I went to YouTube and left the following comment under the video:

    +Saved XMormon: "Many members of the LDS church that are posting to this video are claiming the short containes lies and inaccuracies."

    This behavior is not unique to LDS members. This is standard behavior for those who are part of extremist groups with embarrassing teachings and practices. I see the same kind of response from Jehovah's Witnesses when their embarrassing teachings and practices are plainly exposed to the public without any of the spin that Watchtower dresses it with for public consumption.

    All such extremists, out of desperation, resort to falsely accusing their critics of lying whenever they critics expose the plain truth about them. You see, deep down the members of these extremists groups know it's rubbish but for one reason or another they live in denial about this and pretend to themselves that it's all true and makes sense. They use all manner of rationalizations, excuses, mental gymnastics and other coping mechanisms to suppress the reality that its utter rubbish. Being in close regular association with fellow group members who espouse the same belief system also helps to give them a sense of validation.

    But when they see videos like this the reality that its rubbish is brought to the forefront of their minds, giving them a rude bout of cognitive dissonance, painfully jolting them back to reality - a painful reality that they are presently unable or unwilling to accept - and so, in a knee-jerk fashion, they lash out with the dishonest claim that the critical information presented about their group is malicious lies.

  • brandnew
    @DATA-DOG.....  sounds like voltron to me bro....and tight pants is the pink lion.
  • Island Man
    Island Man

    I like your script, EndOfMysteries! 


    Yes, the FDS has been likened to a theological Voltron. The lions, though powerful, could never defeat all the Robeasts, but when they combine...

    They become the mighty VOLTRON!!

    So too, the GB cannot defeat evil on their own. They must combine to form the Mighty SLAVE!! Champion of tax exempt/organized religious freedom! Rumor has it, the entrance to their secret lair in in the basement of the UN Library! 


  • erbie

    Love the gestures!

    Just like the Jehovah's.


  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    So.....I would love to help with something like this.  There are a couple reasons this video works.

    1)  Its concise.  Its built for someone who doesn't know the jargon and much about Mormons, to understand the basics.

    2)  Its accurate.  It isn't full of subjective opinion.  Factual for the most part, although as Island man mentioned, its probably being called lies from members because it leaves out what they feel would be key details.

    So A JW video like this to be effective would probably need to focus more ont he general message, and doctrine.  Policy related to UN hypocricy, or even the molestation cases, in my opinion would muddy the water.

    the JW videos points could be...

    ...only JW's (.01% of the world), will live in paradise.  Paradise?  Yes where everyone lives forever after 144K people go to heaven to rule them.  Like a new Garden on Eden, except after 100 years Satan gets to try to trick people again for one last test.

    Blood transfusions (large parts of blood are refused, while all the other parts are ok.  Basically ham, cheese, lettuce and mayo are cool.....but the sandwich is forbidden).  We even would allow ourselves or our children to die if this was one of the only ways to save them.

    Holidays.  If you celebrate christmas you are disfellowshipped.

    Disfellowshipped?  A three man private tribunal decides if you are guilty and/or repentant regarding a variety of "sins", and if they find you guilty you are communally shunned by everyone including your family.  Unless you are a minor and live at home.

    These items playfully rendered would be ACCURATE, and concise.....probably filling about 4 minutes. 

    I say use the same method.  JW's are great people, but what if they came to your door and told you what they really believed straight away. 

  • Oubliette

    Terry: It's easy to see 'crazy' in the "other" folks religion, but so difficult to see it in our own. I wonder why that is?

    No. It's called cognitive dissonance, a well known and thoroughly documented psychological phenomenon.

    It's one of the reasons that many Witnesses remain Witnesses in spite of the abundant evidence that it is a destructive, high-control, authoritarian cult run by clueless hypocrites and liars.

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