Woman sues Jehovah's Witness elders over lack of protection from sex attacker

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  • Vidiot

    simon - "...we know local elders are not allowed to sneeze without the permission of the society so trying to absolve themselves of all responsibility both at the local AND organizational level is low..."

    And, more importantly, unsustainable in the long run.

  • Phizzy

    I do hope this Case is successful in establishing the responsibility of the Org and of the Elders. A good Barrister should drive a Coach and Horses through their pathetic attempts at defending the indefensible.

    But we have seen the method they have used in the Candace Conti case, so we can expect an Appeal or two even if this case seems at first to be successful.

    Once a case such as this is thoroughly successful, many more victims may come forward, and get some form of compensation and more importantly, closure by having their self-respect restored.

    It was not their fault.

  • Phizzy

    I see the Trustees of the W.T have Adam Weitzman defending them, they have chosen their Barrister with care.

    He is well known for Defending cases where you or I would think that negligence, and therefore liability, are clearcut. He has got a number of large Organizations off the hook.

    If he does so in this case it will certainly go against the spirit of all the Law on Duty of Care, and Child Protection, and against all the many published guidelines that show that any person or group, commercial or voluntary, has a Duty of Care.

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