Moment of Truth/ Cognitive Dissonance

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  • waiting

    Hey Zep,

    I'm a dog BTW...a worldy dog.Dubs would probably call me that and think its an insult....but i like it.

    Zep, you ol' dawg. I was at the vet today with my dog, btw. While there, the cutest male hounddog came in (short legs & long ears).

    And then a biga*s Rotweiller.

    Which would you be?


  • Zep

    I'd be a cross breed mut.A bit of everything i think Waiting.

  • Zep


    Then I got the internet. So I type in JW's and chance upon H20 (lol).

    Isn't that always the way.I stumbled into that joint just for a joke LOL...and then i just got into it all.BTW, my situation is weird WEIRD weird.As you stated, i aint no-Dub but...I know more about them than any other religion...even the one i was born into, of which i know next to nothing about.I read from 15-20/21 (thereabouts) heaps, practically all the WT and Awake mags.And i did the bible study and a few meetings here and there...So i basically know all the stuff and essentially took on their belief system.I really knew a lot in the end!

    You know 'Cults' work on a very emotional level...people say it takes years to instill the JW mindset into yah, and thats probably true...but i also think converting someone is a very sort of hit and miss kind of thing.I think, if you give someone the right promises and make it look all great and truthful, and the persons mind is geared right at that can convert them in an instant.I think thats what happened to me, i read some magazines....'Bam' i read the 1914 crap and the rest of the prophecies and then add to that the ressurection promise and you can get sucked in, in an instant.I have a friend, hes much older than i was ...but its happened the same way to him i feel.So, once you get hooked, your guard is down, you can be given any info, however dumb,,,,because you trust them now.I read WT magazines like it was very trustworthy source in the end.I'd read an article and not even bother checking the references..."Oh, the 70year prophecy is perfect, dont bother reading Jeremiah to check it out...if they say the 70yr period ended in 537 then thats when it ended, how could anyone be wrong about that".So after that intial moment where they grab your trust and then feed any info....and you are just repeating over and over in your mind all the JW beliefs which serves to strengthen that intial trust... your belief just becomes Habit.You read WT makes like buddhists recite a mantra, everything just becomes re-inforced and stronger everytime you repeat it, like a robot.Its a joke.Buts thats what WT mags do.
    So i go to few meetings and breeze through a study and then drop the issue completely by 20.By then i was thinking, well its the TRUTH (yep i thought they had the TRUTH)...but, i'll just live a worldy life and come back and anaylse everthing to death later.Maybe, i had a mindest of JW youth who live a double life.They say they know its the truth but act contrary to that belief... i mean, hows that possible?... yeah but it happens.I essentially established a belief but just didn't live by it.But it still underpinned my belief in God.So after many years, with all that dub stuff eventually pushed to the back of my mind...I go into h20, just to see what dubs are up i said, it was a joke.Then i decide to anaylse to a degree the Dub beliefs that i had taken on, expecting (really) that i'd find it was the truth, and in doing so i bring it all back to the fore in my mind again, all the dub beliefs.But What did it for me, convinced me otherwise that the weren't the truth was reading the false dates list over at Osarsif done by AF...Before that, i read a lot of other stuff on 1914 but it didn't have the impact that the false dates did.I actually had to read a fair bit to knock the Dub beliefs to pieces, owing to my earlier involvment.So 'Bam', after i read AF's stuff, just like that, they cant be true anymore....then i start denying God exists and read all sorts of Atheistic stuff till i dont believe at actually drove me round the bend a little and made me feel a little sick...the idea of no God is a big thought.I dont know, i dont really care now...i just use sarcasm to laugh it off ...this God stuff is still sort of hanging in the air though.I actually just got a book from the library called "to hell with God"(what a title eh!)...yeah, so the spiritual search continues, only in a less vigorous manner ...I sure haven't got the problems you guys have, since you still have ties with the Borg.So now... i'm just hanging on a Dub board for some reason LOL?????!!!!!.
    I appreciate you original post BTW, i didn't really read it through till last night since i got the vibe that i had come in for some heat... I thought, "oh yeah i shouldn't have posted that, Zep's in trouble...again" LOL."I'm gunna get bagged big time here" LOL.But your post was interesting!.I like reading the human dimension to things, i read a lot about the impact of DFing over at h20 before i launched into a study of dub doctrine.The DF articles were very surprising to me at first...i really learnt very little about Dfing and DAing & shunning during my time at KH and reading the was a background issue, one of those hidden things, hidden from newbies and you dont really understand it until your in too deep and it personnally affects you in some way! yeah!!!!!interesting!

  • Pathofthorns

    Zep, thanks for that bit of a background about yourself. It never ceases to amaze me what hold the "truth" has on those who know the least about it (which I guess is everyone pretty much that's still a Witness)

    I have a friend who is taking the chick he's screwing to the Circuit assembly tomorrow. Apparently she just wants to see what the religion is all about. Of course, this is the same guy that tells me "but I still believe its the truth" as he exhales from a cigarette.

    You know, maybe its just me, but something just doesn't seem to fit there.

    Anyways, I'll have a drink to the boys who will be suffering through the afternoon sessions.


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