"Staying Alive Until 1975" Danny Haszard's Story

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  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    This Man has clearly been through a lot...but i sometimes wonder if his style (placards,trucks with signs on etc)is at the very least counter productive?

    I would run a Mile if i encountered somebody like that in my area.

  • Mary

    Is this the same guy who used to post here under the name "Undaunted Danny"?

  • ezekiel3
    I would run a Mile if i encountered somebody like that in my area.

    I agree, I would run a mile with Danny anyday.

  • mouthy

    Me too! I would run a mile with Danny anyday He has guts!!!! ( That is if I could run...Which I cant now!!!!

  • Dogpatch

    Witness of the Watchtower Holocaust Satan never Sleeps. Satan sez's;"so what if there is turn-over cause there's always fresh prey to be recruited". Watchtower lied and people died.Tombstone Between 1967 and 1975 most Jehovah's Witnesses were hedging EVERYTHING on the 1975 Watchtower end of the world prophecy.They postponed everything,liquidated assets,they lived and they DIED for Armageddon in 1975. I know because i was THERE age 10 in 1967 when the 'profitcy' was announced (Montreal convention release of the 'Life in freedom of the son's of God' book) it was a little red hardcover book authored by then Watchtower president Fred Franz. It shook the Watchtower World. In the summer of '75 some members of my congregation even neglected giving the family car an overdue oil change knowing that cars could become unnecessary. The date was a complete deadly fiasco,and get this, they had the gall to string us along for ANOTHER 4 years with the rhetorical addendum of "how long did it take Adam to name the Animals"? Meanwhile at age 18 my Ulcerative Colitis is eating me away! 1990 Watchtower charlatans ordered the rank and file followers again in 1990 NOT TO HAVE CHILDREN. I was THERE at the Providence Rhode Island USA district convention and heard it for myself. This 'Papal Bull' worldwide mandate from the governing body of Jehovah's Witnesses,was further elaborated in a follow up primary Watchtower study at the Kingdom Hall that fall on not to have kids. THINK of all the women close to menopause who complied with this directive 'because the end is just so close' and forfeited forever the chance to nurture their maternal instincts and have a baby. Get this,my beloved baby sister was born in the spring of 1976 my mother was denounced for getting 'knocked up' 'just before Armageddon'.We rallied in the 'promise' that my kid sister would never having to start public school in Satan's system. The Watchtower cult has been holding her and the rest of my family hostage,ongoing 15 years now and i don't know who is dead or alive. HEY!By the way,...time marched on and i forgot to have kids of my own and will die childless. In 1926 'detox' Joe Rutherford admitted he made an 'a** of himself' for the "millions now living will never die" 1925 failure. The Watchtower memorializes,that several thousand of their members perished in the wicked WW2 Nazi cult holocaust,and says,'those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it".

    On this day May 5 2005 I testify and I stand tall as:

    Yellow Ribbon Witness of the Watchtower Holocaust.

    Danny Haszard Bangor Maine USA born Jehovah's Witness year 1957

  • DannyHaszard

    My Repressed Sex Life in the Jehovah's Witnesses

    'Don't matter new system coming any day'

    Danny a virgin at 29: I squandered my youth for a cult!

    I did not have sex until my first girlfriend and current life partner at age 46 two years ago.

    My epic story ;a very complex Watchtower cult induced dynamic.I became crippled with Ulcerative colitis at age 13 1970 start of puberty.The only cure for Ulcerative colitis is a total proctocolectomy (removal of the entire bowel) with 90% risk of impotence and a colostomy bag.

    Don't matter new system coming any day

    I'll explain,you know how a doctor will perform a 'digital rectal exam' on a man and will feel for an enlarged prostate through the bowel wall?Well this tells you that the prostate is right up against the bowel wall?So,the nerve plexus surrounding the prostate would be severed resulting in a 90% risk of impotence.

    Because i am a righteous guy i would not inflict this on a sister as dubs can't get divorced over this and the WT old farts say no oral sex to please my mate.

    Don't matter new system coming any day

    It gets worse,the symptoms of severe UC is bloody bowel movements on the order of 30 X's a day.Think of having dysentery unrelenting 24/7 for 28 years.I could not support my family if i am this sick.

    Don't matter new system coming any day

    I would not date because dating is a prelude to courtship and then marriage i i would not frivolously date because dubs don't do that and i am a righteous brother who would not break a sisters heart.

    Don't matter new system coming any day

    Friendly I couldn't date and enjoy a girls company if i wanted to and i did want to, because severe ulcerative colitis has the attendant passing of vast amounts of gas that smells like rotten flesh (because that's what it is) and i can't hold it for more than 10 min's and could not sit in a movie or ride in my car with my date.

    Don't matter new system coming any day

    I have a good looking body like a male model and got tons of sisters chasing me since i appear to be available cause UC doesn't make you look sick.Then there are the married brothers who are eaten up with jealousy cause i am a single guy who won't do his duty and marry their sister.So they revile me as a candy ass.

    Don't matter new system coming any day

    Finally after getting voted off the watchtower island in 1992 my bowel finally gave out in 98 and now there is a new advance surgical technique that doesn't cause impotence and my bowel comes out i have a colostomy bag.

    Treadmill I meet a wonderful worldly woman at the YMCA in 2003 we hook up and are a good match . Hug And Kiss

    There,a real true story of a real f**ked up repressed sex life in the Jehovah's Witnesses

    THE END Danny Haszard outraged 'apostate' with justifiable anger http://www.DannyHaszard.com

  • sf


    You may not have all your gizzards, but you do have some pretty phenomenal balls.

    {{{ Warm Hug }}}


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