Thoughts on Reading CoC

by love2Bworldly 24 Replies latest jw friends

  • freedom96

    I think it is a great disappointment for many who read the book, realizing for the first time that the WTS really is not God's channel, and thus certainly not "the truth" that they thought it was for many years.

  • Frog

    My copy of CoC is in the mail, can't wait to get into it! thanks for the early reviews, now I'm chomping at the bit frog

  • alw

    i give c.o.c. 10 out of 10.

    brilliant to have explained to me how i never used my own brain.

    now that i do i can see all the b.s. that was dealt me for 23 years.

    i am about to start to read christian freedom, if it is only half as good as his c.o.c. ill be well satisfied.


  • alw

    I was given a copy of CoC by my daughter when I was still a JW although not attending meetings very regularly!!! It was a definite eye-opener and allowed me to express the feelings I had been harbouring. I just couldn't believe the things I was reading - but saying that it actually brought closure to the 'jw' appendage of my life. I mentioned it to my husband and from then on we actually never went to another meeting. It gave us the freedom we hungered for but also made us realise that we had done 'nothing wrong' scripturally to warrant the underhandedness we had experienced from the borg. I am now enjoying the 'sequel' SfCFand am finding it fascinating. Very liberating. When leaving the borg confusion actually sets in that 'nothing' is true and will you ever trust or believe in anything again - in time I think we will and this book helps to solidify that in ones mind. Thankyou Ray - you saved my family unit and we have our daughter back and her little family - thankyou. alw

  • jaffacake

    A few months ago I persuaded my friend to take my In Search of Christian Freedom. He said Look, if I read this book, will you leave me alone. I agreed, thinking it would do the trick. Two weeks later he said he couldn't be bothered to read it, and anyway, his wife and visiting JWs had scared him off.

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