How many of the public go to the Public Talk?

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  • OICU8it2

    I never saw anyone. Good, because I was usually not impressed with the speaker. Usually one of the illiterate members of the elders' club. Good 'ol boys who murdered the English language and were not deep thinkers.

  • hillbilly

    Let's see....from 1970 to around 1992 or I was around 5 or 6 congregations of various sizes, some urban , some rural............

    Never saw anyone "public" show up for the "Public Talk"

    As I quit paying attention to content about 1978 I am sure I would have noticed "new meat" at the hall. Strangers always caught my attention.


  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Read Blondie's comments on this. It seems the Society has turned aside from the public, and most of these ``public" talks are earmarked for the JW rank and file only, i.e. eschewing topics of general interest for those that justify and promote their worldview. Laced with ``theocratic" jarogon, they're intended to rally the masses rather than inform the public.

    As such, they more closely resemble the Saturdasy night ``service talks" given by a visiting Bethel speaker than a public lecture on the Bible's view of a variety of broad issues facing mankind.

  • ezekiel3

    Rarely. If anyone it's the inactive or fringe JWs who only make it to the Sunday meeting.

  • Berean

    This wasn?t a person that just ?happened? off the street, but, I had one person come to a meeting that was an acquaintance. He came in just as the meeting started and sat beside me. After the meeting two people immediately came up and asked to start a Bible study even after he told them he came because I had asked him to come. On the way to the door, three more came up and two of the three wanted to start Bible studies, again after he told them he came because I had asked him to come. I met him at the door and his response when I asked what he thought about the meeting- ?I?ll never come back? all these people , all they want is to study the Bible with me, not have fellowship , that?s the first thing they ask!?

    I found out later what had happened on the way to the door; I knew about the first two and asked them what they were thinking about when they asked him to study when they knew he was there with me. Both responses was that they needed a bible study to turn in on their report and knew that I had three already.


  • stillajwexelder

    very few indeed - it is all publishers and family with one or two bible studies perhaps = and this is definitely the case at conventions and assemblies

  • Honesty
    Now most public talks are routinely scheduled during the prime church time with the assumption that few people go to church any more or that people who would go to the KH don't go to church.

    Talks were more focused on subjects that would appeal to the public; now they are designed more for the rank and file.

    Now the only non-JWs are unbaptized, minor children, the occasional visit by a non-JW spouse or Bible student.


    Exactly the same when I last attended a Sunday BotchTower Study and Put U To Sleep Talk which was about 3 years ago. It got so boring that even the zealots had a hard time keeping that 'JW smirk smile' going while the speaker read word for word from the manuscript provided by the apostate WTBTS Writing Dept.

    Very few people go to church anymore. In our medium sized sanctuary we have had an average of 1,118.75 people for Morning Worship and 312.75 for Evening Worship with 964.5 for Sunday School the past 4 weeks. The KH I went to had an average of 93-97 for the Put U To Sleep Talk and BotchTower Study the last 4-5 years I managed to be faithful to the cult. Are we beginnig to see a trend of non-compliance by the WT drones?

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