The Apprentice - Watchtower version

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  • Honesty

    Tell the R&F that from now on out Joe Hoba is using an 'inactive force' to distribute the information propaganda free to the world. One loyal brother in each KH will be assigned to tune in to the 'active force' for study material and any 411 the GB needs to impart to the congregation. However, in order to show appreciation for all the spiritual food and to support the Governing Body the WTBTS is instituting a tithing system which will require all to submit proof of income and the tithe will be set at 50% of gross income. This will insure the faithful ones of a better place in the 'just around the corner pairadice'.

    Just think of all the money to be saved from this arrangement because the WTBTS will be able to s ell off all the WTBTS properties and send the Bethelites home. No more material support for CO's and DO's (they can all get a real job). The Special Pioneers will really get the BIG ONE on this deal.

  • stillajwexelder

    Make and drink more of the Kool-Aid!!!


  • Crazyguy

    This guy was pretty right on, bumping since it was mentioned in another thread.

  • smiddy3

    Bring back the Miracle Wheat that was such a big seller in its hey day.

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