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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I had been involved with the JWs since I had been 11 yrs old and remained one until I was 33 yrs old.

    After I left the JWs I quickly learned how insular the JW life is, much to my great embarrassment.

    I was in a meeting where my ability to do the job was in question. I was doing the job but one of my superiors wanted me out so he could get the job and the extra salary. It felt very much like a judicial committee with everyone looking down on me. And after being DFed just previous to this it was a triggering experience for sure.

    Well one person used an expression I had never heard before (The shite hits the fan). Well my very vivid imagination conjured up the image that expression creates and I got a serious case of the giggles. And of course the harder I tried to stifle them the worse they got.I finally had to excuse myself and leave the room.

    Anyone else had experiences like this - expressions you didn't know the meaning of or hadn't heard before

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Am I really the only JW who was incredibly naive and embarrassed?

  • Euphemism

    That was actually one area where I wasn't a very good JW. Between reading books and hanging out on the 'net, by the time I was out of my teens I was pretty well beyond being shocked by any bad words, sexual practices, etc. In fact, I made it rather a point of pride that just because I was religious didn't mean that I was a prude.

    I was very sheltered as a kid, however. My wife has told me that up until her mid-20's, she was remarkably sheltered, even for a dub.

  • Country_Woman

    I was'nt a JW for such a long period that it really had its mark on my personality.

    But on ocassions I said sometimes things I better had not.....like telling my boss "that I hoped he would reach a 100 years and then we would 'stuff' him" (when I said to him "I don't know how long I will work for you" and he told me "as long as I live")

    and another time, when he was a bit depressive and said "Branda, I am going to be old" and I answered "that is the best thing I ever heard" and exclaiming: I don't know, how old I will be, when you know it for sure..... after that he was'nt that depressed.....

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