what did u do?

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  • littlerockguy


    Im sure we all have stories we could tell, lol. This message board has been very therapeutic for me. I only wish I had come across it some years earlier.

  • franklin J
    franklin J

    I saluted the flag and sang the national anthem at a hocky game.

  • vitty

    Went to the office christmas party. Instead of the "end of year party"

    I really must thing of doing something a bit more exciting!!!!!!!

    Oh yeah bought my husband a birthday card

  • Nosferatu

    Not sure what the first thing was. It all came so slowly, but the bad stuff just snuck in by itself. I bought a rap album, and I found out that there was bad language on it! Oh well.

    My cousin gave me a bunch of porno tapes and I didn't turn them down.

    There was this worldly girlfriend that was interested in me. So I went out with her. I got my first BJ from her.

    I quit going out in the hallway for the national anthem at school.

    I started smoking

    Then I quit going to the meetings.

    The day after my last meeting, I got drunk.

  • Cicatrix

    The day I put my DA letter in the mail, I went directly to a garage sale the town was having to support the First Responders and bought almost all the Christmas decorations they had, then I hit the dollar store and bought everything they had, including a tiny lil Christmas tree and miniature ornaments. In August, lol.

  • tetrapod.sapien

    lol, these are some great responses!

    first, i drove up into the hills one night, and walked out into a moonlit opening in the forest and cried my eyes out, and screamed at God for his being such an f******* idiot (IMHO).

    enrolled in university (better late than never!). i started growing a beard. i went to a cigar shop, and bought a pipe and some pipe tobaco. i went for a hike, and when i got up into a lonely meadow, i had a good puff. looked at my watch and thought how nice this particular saturday morning was.

  • Quentin


  • burnthepig

    Well, Well, Well, Now isn't that a loaded question!?

    Well.. I must say... Where to begin? There is such a list.. In no paticular order I: (drumroll please!)

    1. Left my husband.. walked to my best friends house.. crawled up on her foor (3rd floor) proceeded to get drunk.. called an aquaintance.. He talked me off the roof.. We went to his house.. Fornicated.. 5 years later.. were still forniKatin'!

    10. Went to a hotel... Bought dirty movies all night.. Did the "M" word along with it!

    11. Tried to smoke.. Did'nt like it!

    12. Tried Grass... Over it...

    13. Said Bless You... over & over till it became a habit!

    14. Tried to get in my mind that "worldly" people were not all Axe Murderers

    15. cussed.. (now I try not to)

    16. Celebrated my 28th Birthday.. My first CAKE.. My first PARTY! Wow! Was that THE best night ever!

    17. Tried to tell my friend.... But needless to say.. I knew what tree I was barking up..

    18. Bought my first Christmas Ornament. put the date on it.. Then a couple of years afterwards.. Celebrated.. i am known for the prettiest tree, house, etc..

    19. I am a great gift giver..

    20. Forgave myself for not being there... for my first "real" best friend" Valerie, who was a wittness.. was later D'f'd...After that I never spoke to her.. or even saw her.. I snubbed her LIke a good little Wittness girl.. A few Months later she got in a car accident, then coma, and died.

    The list goes on.. But Now. THankfully.. So DO I!


  • Dismembered

    Cigars & weed are fun! I swear like a drunken sailor whenever talking about dubdom. strip joints are fun, voted for the 1st time in my life. stand & salute the flag. I never miss an episode of Night Calls. Sent Birthday & Xmas cards, give candy @ Hallooweeny (instead of hiding in the cellar)


    "Don't you go dyin' on me now"

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee
    what is the first so called wordly thing you did when you decided the troof was baloney?

    I went to a church and took the "Alpha" course to learn what a different religion taught

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