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  • woodland

    Sorry to bring up this old chestnut, BUT?

    Have the JW?s changed their stance on blood transfusions?

    I was talking to a lady at work that has JW relatives, and she said it was now a matter of conscience.

    Many thanks

  • Chia

    No way! It's still most definitely a DFing offense if you take blood.

  • jaredg

    this just goes to show how confusing the WTS stance on blood is. as far as i know some parts of blood are conscience matters but whole blood is still forbidden.

  • jula71

    Here is a list of blood products that are "a matter of conscience" :

    1.Red Blood Cell fraction-Hemoglobin based substitutes

    2. White blood Cell fractions-interferons, interleukins

    3. Plasma fraction-albumin, globulins, clotting factors

    4. Platelet fractions- wound healing factor

    This is a far cry from the former?absolutely no blood products. "New Light" or caving in to a form of political pressure?

  • Crumpet

    I'm not up on biology but if you combine all these components, how many components short of "whole blood" would you actually be?? If you have 4 out of 5 is it still a conscience issue?

  • Terry

    The JW I've talked too (my childhood friend who has never left the organization) reveals the general opinion of brothers in word-of-mouth conversations. They all seem to think the blood restrictions are headed toward a total conscience policy.

    I have offered here and elsewhere the reasoning the society can use to extract themselves from this policy of recalcitrant doom.

    It goes like this.

    Abraham was the father of all those having faith. The three great monotheistic religions claim him and his heritage (Christian, Islamic, Judaic).

    Abraham was considered faithful because he was willing to sacrifice his son, Isaac.

    However--it is important to note that Abraham did NOT sacrifice his son. No.

    He was prevented from doing this.

    God's agency stepped in. An angel (or messenger) stopped the death blow.


    God was willing to count Abraham's willingness as the deed itself. No death was necessary.

    In the same manner today God can use the SUPERIOR AUTHORITIES to stay the hand of any faithful who are willing to do the deed (without actually doing the deed.)

    It is imputing the righteousness of the sacrifice without the actual sacrifice.

    So, when a court order comes through that enables a blood transfusion to be given---the righteous and willing parents should see in this THE HAND OF GOD at work. Their righteousness has been acknowledged and the life of an ailing child is spared mercifully.

    THIS is my plan. I offer it to Brooklyn NY.


  • IT Support
    IT Support


    No way! It's still most definitely a DFing offense if you take blood.

    Technically, it's actually a disassociation offence. WT reasons that, by taking this action, you are renouncing your association with their organisation.

    Of course, there's no real difference between disfellowshipping and disassociation...

    Woodland (warm welcome, here, by the way ) may have heard about the Bulgaria scandal.

    See Blood Transfusions in Bulgaria.

  • blondie

    You might want to look at this site. It is maintained by ex-JWs and JWs who want to see the blood doctrine changed.

    The information is very comprehensive and up to date.


  • jula71

    Crumpet, welcome to biology 101 blood cells make up about 50% of blood and 95% of a RBC is hemoglobin, really a substitute derived from hemoglobin is still pretty much, hemoglobin. Interferons are a substance produced WBC's to do battle mostly with viruses. Interleukins are made from other WBC's to direct immunity responses.

    Albumin, globulins, clotting factors are fractions that if you and water and salt, you have plasma. And platelets only function, pretty much, is in dealing with wounds and bleeding.

    So with out boring you......add all these fractions you pretty much have whole blood with out some are compounds, iron, sugars, ect...

  • woodland

    Thank goodness for that. I wasn?t convinced when my colleague told me. The organisation would have blood flowing from their hands if they were to change their stance on this after so many years?. Jula71, you are obviously a girl in the know! J

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