Prayers at mealtime!!?

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  • Dan-O

    "dad's prayers were always considerably lengthy before a main meal"

    I never knew what hot food was until I left home.

    These days, I bow my head out of respect to the Mrs. & her mealtime prayers, but I'm quietly thinking "Get it the hell over with. My food is getting cold!"

  • rocketman

    Funny, I was Googling Bart Simpson's prayer before-meal, and this thread, is at the top, from 7 years ago, and the same topic is now a current thread on JWN. So I posted this to move this thread back into circulation.

  • QueenWitch

    I don't pray; I converse with the Goddess whenever the need arrives. Hubs doesn't like to pray in public - there's some scripture about the pharasees doing it in public, right?

  • linuxbob

    I've heard prayers that would qualify for a meeting.

  • dreamgolfer

    i always pray for a little "crumpet" at mealtimes ..yum yum yum

  • jam

    My Prayer, Lord we have not talk in A long time, I will

    explain why. Things have changed since your son was here.

    There are people here on earth that do not believe you exist,

    there are ones that believe you are sadist and there are those

    who have never heard of you. You know two thousand years is

    A long time. The miracles your son perform are questionable today,

    since very few people witness them.

    Lord, can you please prove to all the doubters that you are still

    our Lord and Saviour. Your attention is still focus on earth, you

    have not forsaken us. Can you show us A miraculous miracle where it

    will be no doubt. Send one of your powerful Angels down, I no it

    wont be you because that would mean Armageddon and I don,t

    know where I stand. Your messenger could lets say, stretch out

    his hand and create A 3 mile high wave in the ocean so that many

    could see and then he could gently make the water calm. You see

    the healing of the sick and raising of the dead just wont do it, we

    can do that ourselves. Are maybe you could stretch out your hand

    and have the stars and the planets dance in the skys with the

    angels singing it,s A small world, it,s A thought Lord. All Iam

    trying to say Lord, it is not our fault we have doubts. Amen..

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