Ozzie's Weekend Poll #132 (How does God control "His" organisation?)

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  • ozziepost

    G'day all,

    How's things? Been a bit flat lately myself yet really some wonderful things have been happening. I must change to a merlot!!!

    It's been good news on many fronts for us and good news on JWD with friends like alw joining us, and then there's Mulan's good news about her Mom. So we're thankful! Now what shall we muse about this weekend? Well, it seems we should get on to a different area of polling this weekend and here's the question:

    How does Jehovah direct "His organisation"?

    1. Sends them a letter.

    2. Sends them a prophet.

    3. Sends them a business manager.

    4. Sends them a dream.

    5. Yells!

    6. Puts an ad in the papers.

    7. Writes a magazine.

    8. Other (please detail)

    9. He doesn't!

    10. Don't know.

    Well, what d'ya reckon? More especially, what do the dubbies think about this?

    So, settle back with a nice cuppa or glass of red and think about it a while. How does He tell them like they claim?

    So, let us know what you conclude and don't forget.....


    Cheers, Ozzie

    Freedom means not having to wear a tie.

  • Lehaa

    5. Yells!

    and yells and yells.

    ah stuff it. then gives up

  • Country_Woman

    I don't know, what do you think ?

  • Honesty

    'Day mate,

    You obviously are referring to the WTBTS as Joe Hoba's organisation, right?

    Good, thought so myself.

    Joe Hoba controls 'his organisation' by screwing with the minds of everyone who is associated with it. He also is a bit sadistic in that he takes great pleasure in cultivating fear and terror in their lives.

    That just about sums it up in one neat little paragraph for you. Since I am still coming to grips with having my mind totally screwed with for over 15 years by Joe Hoba's 'loving organisation' and 'kindly overseers' (I thought they got rid of them at the end of the U.S. Civil War), please feel free to add any relevant information I may have left out.

  • alw

    ozzie where do you get these thoughts from?

    anyhow, i reckon he doesnt, he has nothing to do with this org. the men direct it with an iron fist.

    thanks for the welcome and have a safe trip. mr and mrs alw

  • blondie

    (BTW I must have always been free since I never wore a tie; now nylons are another thing)

    1. Sends them a letter

    Some might consider the 10 commandments on the stone tablets the equivalent of a letter from God; but then they were sent to the Israelites not the WTS. The WTS had the Great Pyramid.

    2. Sends them a prophet.

    The WTS thinks they are a prophet

    3. Sends them a business manager.

    When Knorr was made president of the WTS, some JWs might have thought that

    4. Sends them a dream.

    I think Rutherford thought he received his ideas for his books this way; isn't that how he received direction to change the name to Jehovah's Witnesses?

    5. Yells!

    The WTS would like us to think that they are God's representatives and Rutherford and Knorr and their cronies found yelling effective; the elders yell at the congregation because the COs and DOs yell at them every 6 months.

    6. Puts an ad in the papers.

    Russell used to run his sermons in the paper and he was considered God's representative on earth (FDS)

    7. Writes a magazine.

    The Bible is not enough; so God has to use the WTS/FDS to explain it in their publications.

    8. Other (please detail)

    I used to wonder this from the time I was old enough to wonder; how does God tell the WTS what he thinks. Not as an individual according to statements in the publications; only as a group, a special group, the governing body. They supposedly meet together as spirit-appointed, spirit-anointed men, pray to God for guidance, read the scriptures, the result of holy spirit, and somehow they all come up with the same unanimous conclusion. Then I found out that they only needed a 2/3 majority to carry a decision, what? Then I found out how often they flipflopped on a topic. Is God confused and incapable of communicating effectively with these men?

    9. He doesn't!

    I finally realized that God had nothing to do with the WTS and the WTS proved it every day by their unloving actions and lies to the rank and file.

    10. Don't know.

    Certainly the answer the rank and file truly give.


  • Mulan

    3. Sends them a business manager.

    After all, it is a large corporation, so needs one.

  • Scully
    8. Other (please detail)

    I think the spirit who fooled Ahab has a new job.


    Rbi8 1 Kings 22:20-23 ***

    20And Jehovah proceeded to say, "Who will fool A´hab, that he may go up and fall at Ra´moth-gil´e·ad?" And this one began to say something like this, while that one was saying something like that. 21 Finally a spirit came out and stood before Jehovah and said, "I myself shall fool him." At that Jehovah said to him, "By what means?" 22 To this he said, "I shall go forth, and I shall certainly become a deceptive spirit in the mouth of all his prophets." So he said, "You will fool him, and, what is more, you will come off the winner. Go out and do that way." 23 And now here Jehovah has put a deceptive spirit into the mouth of all these prophets of yours; but Jehovah himself has spoken calamity concerning you."

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