Which of these activities bothered you the most?

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    Which of these activities did you hate/bothered you the most? Rank them from 1-5 with the most hated to the least.

    Field Service

    2 - 4 day assemblies

    Giving Ministry School Talk - for men and women

    Watching 12 years getting baptized

    Watching young children getting disfellowshipped

  • cappytan

    5. Giving Ministry School Talk

    4. Watching 12 year olds getting baptized

    3. 2-4 day assemblies

    2. Field Service

    1. Watching young children getting disfellowshipped.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath
    praying out loud up on the platform.  
  • ShirleyW

    Field Service for sure

    Assemblies = boring, but when I was a kid it was all about the food (real food not spiritual)  they used to serve for me.

  • adjusted knowledge
    adjusted knowledge
    Field service was the worst. I enjoyed the assemblies, because my family rarely did anything together. It was nice to get a "vacation". It would of been so much better if I had an Ipad, but Steve Jobs was only pumping out the Apple IIs back then.

    1.  Watching young children getting disfellowshipped - This is the worst. How can the WTBTS get away with this barbaric rule? 

    2.  Watching 12 years getting baptized- Being in servitude to a corporation where they take away the powers of the parents if little Johnny misbehaves.

    3.  Field Service- Waking the public at 9:00 a.m with an old 198 page book, Watchtower and Awake magazine while no one is interested

    4.  2 - 4 day assemblies- sitting outside in a baseball stadium for 3 days in the middle of July with sun stoke

    5. Giving Ministry School Talk - for men and women -watching 10 year old boys giving a talk from the podium    while an adult sister cannot look at the audience while pretending she is in service or bible study

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    Field Service

    During my final year as a JW I started having anxiety attacks out in field service.

    2 - 4 day assemblies

    I actually liked the 2 day, circuit assemblies. I stuffed myself with all that 'spiritual food'. I would even record them.

    Giving Ministry School Talk - for men and women

    I once gave a talk where I forgot to put on my tie. I was counseled, nicely, but I thought it was a somewhat trivial. I considered it amusing when I saw a sister, on stage, in her late 50s wear a head covering while talking to an elder who was half her age.

    Watching 12 years getting baptized

    Back in my day 14 years seemed to be the minimum. I believe I was 15 when I got baptized.

    Watching young children getting disfellowshipped 

    The youngest df that I heard was about 14 and his younger brother who was not baptized and 11 was announced separately as disassociated.

  • clarity

    Adding one that got awkwardly in the way all the time....bowing your head in a restaurant & thanking god for the food!  Got to be so meaningless.  Just holding that pose long enough to be sure everyone else had lifted their heads.  Felt like a freak!

    Other than that ....hated book study night the most.


  • Blackfalcon98

    When I was a believer, I didn't have a problem with any of these things, except watching a young person get DF'ed! Now that I've learned TTATT.....here is my rankings:

    5.Giving Ministry School Talk

    4. Field Service (No one answers anyhow.....plus fudging numbers isn't so difficult)

    3. 2-4 day assemblies (That moment you realize you have nothing in common with a group of cultic people you     will be wasting your weekend with....)

    2. Watching 12 year-olds (I recently witnessed a 9 yr-old) getting baptized (because, these youths aren't qualified to drive a car.....much less are they prepared to make a sound, un-pressured decision of this magnitude....to become slaves of men, not to mention subject themselves to the emotional torment of a Judicial Committee)

    1. Watching young children getting disfellowshipped

  • geevee

    clarity, I hear you. We haven't attended for 10 years, but my in-laws insist on praying for food, either at home or when we dine out!

    We just start eating now.....

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