Mom is having a full and complete recovery

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  • Mulan

    I haven't posted about my mother for some time, and thought I would let everyone know she is doing very well. She has recovered completely from her surgery, and is back to the health she had before she got sick last time.

    She lost her space at the Retirement Inn so I have had to find another home for her. This time she will go to an adult family home run by a woman from Bosnia. It's a brand new house, with two other elderly residents, as well as the family who run the home. When I was there today, I wanted to stay for lunch. It smelled so good. I know Mom will enjoy the food for sure.

    So, we move her in on Saturday. Her name is on the waiting list to go back to the retirement home, but she is at #20, so it may be a long wait.

    Dave and I and two of our sons and their wives went to Reno for 4 days and just got home last night. I wonder if my skin will ever recover. It is soooooo dry there. We all had fun and I lost all the money I took with me. Dave won most of the time, and came home with what he took with him to gamble, so he did well.

    We also have several nieces who live in the Reno area and 3 of them came to join us (with their husbands) for dinner one night. That was very fun.

    So, I am back, but still not online much.

  • prophecor

    Way to go Marilyn, I'm so glad to hear that all was not lost. Wishing you and all yours well.

  • kls

    So glad to hear of you're mom recovering so well ,that is good news.

    WOW a trip to Reno! Sounds like all had a great time and you needed sometime away.

    All is well

  • codeblue

    Awesome to hear of your Mom's recovery

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    Glad to hear the good news about your mom (at least you know you've got great genes). I was wondering where you were...


  • Bryan

    Glad your mom's doing so well!


    Have You Seen My Mother

  • Golf

    Good news about your mom. She may like it better at the new place, time will tell. As for your gambling, you need to take a few lessons in winning. So, a family member wouldn't share their winnings, hmmmmmmm.


  • blondie

    Mulan, glad to hear your mother is doing better and that you all could get a break too. I was just think about you today.

    Love, Blondie

  • Mulan
    As for your gambling, you need to take a few lessons in winning. So, a family member wouldn't share their winnings, hmmmmmmm.

    He shared. I ran out of money, and he just peeled off some more for me. It's all ours anyway, but we had an individual gambling budget, and I had exceeded mine, so he shared. He's a good guy.

  • orangefatcat

    Excellent news that your mom is doing much better. Its too bad she lost her spot in the Retirement Inn, but you'd be suprised how fast the list goes down.

    In our case I have waited 11/2 yrs for our special apartement and they projected the wait to two years. So I am expecting some news soon. I hope your mom will be happy where she is going.

    Wishing you and her the very best of luck. Moms are always number one and we love em.

    Love Orangefatcat

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